Halo Infinite Season 5: “Reckoning” is here

The wait is over, Halo fans! Season 5 of Halo Infinite has arrived, and it brings a tidal wave of new content, exciting features, and thrilling updates. This season, aptly named “Reckoning,” ushers in a host of changes and additions that promise to redefine your Halo experience. From new maps and modes to enhanced customization options, Forge innovations, and so much more, it’s a reckoning you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive in and explore everything this season has to offer.

Halo Infinite Reckoning - Covenant

The Flood Returns

In the grand tradition of Halo lore, the Flood makes a comeback in Season 5. The parasitic menace has infected the game’s customization options, allowing you to transform your Spartan and weapons with a touch of parasitic charm. Earn individual armor pieces, armor effects, and Armor and Weapon Kits through the Battle Pass and in the Shop. It’s time to embrace the Shaping Sickness and wield the power of the Flood.

New Maps

Halo Infinite introduces two exciting new maps in Season 5: Forbidden and Prism. Forbidden takes you to the ancient stone ruins on Zeta Halo, while Prism immerses you in the crystalline caves of Sanghelios. These new battlegrounds provide diverse environments for intense multiplayer action.

New Mode: Extraction

Extraction, an objective-based game mode first introduced in Halo 4, returns with a fresh twist in Season 5. Utilizing the latest UNSC and Personal AI tech, this game mode challenges players to deploy Extraction Sites and defend them to score points. The enemy team can convert and extract these sites for themselves, adding an exciting layer of strategy to your matches.

Halo Infinite Reckoning - Master Chief

Multi-Core Helmets & A Fresh Look

Customization takes a significant leap in Season 5 with the introduction of multi-core helmets. All helmets in the game are now available on all Armor Cores, allowing you to experiment and personalize your Spartan like never before.

The game’s interface receives a refreshing makeover in Season 5, with a new title screen and main menu. Your Spartan now takes center stage, and the challenge deck is conveniently located on the right-hand side beneath the Battle Pass.

Introducing the Bandit Evo

Meet the “Bandit Evo,” a new variant of the M392 Bandit. With enhanced recoil and bloom control, this weapon is perfect for mid-ranged encounters. Precise aiming is the key to success, with five headshots or seven body shots securing a kill.

Halo Infinite Reckoning - Flood Infected

Hero Rewards & The Season 5 Battle Pass

Reaching the maximum Hero rank in your Career journey brings exciting rewards in Season 5. These include a Hero emblem set, the Infinite Mark VI Kit for your Mark VII armor, and unique armor coatings for all Armor Cores.

Season 5 introduces a revamped Battle Pass structure. The Reckoning Battle Pass features 50 tightly curated tiers of high-quality content, providing more customization options and playstyles for players to explore. The Premium Battle Pass, available for 1000 credits and never expiring, unlocks a world of rewards.

For those opting for the free pass, the first 20 tiers of the Battle Pass are free to unlock until the first Operation launch on November 14. After this period, these tiers will no longer be available. Players looking to continue progressing beyond the cut-off date can purchase the Premium Pass in the shop.

Forge Updates

Season 5 brings an evolution of Forge with the introduction of the Forge AI Toolkit. For the first time, you can populate your maps with UNSC, Banished, and Forerunner units from the Halo Infinite campaign, creating your unique PvE experiences. With 43 total units available, the possibilities are endless.

Halo Infinite Reckoning - New Map

Banished Palette, Snow and Ice Palette and New Canvases

To complement Forge’s new AI capabilities, Season 5 expands the Banished palette with various structures and elements, allowing you to craft intricate and immersive maps.

Just in time for the holiday season, a snow and ice-themed palette arrives in Forge. Customize your maps with snow-covered biome objects and materials to create winter wonderlands.

Forge’s playground expands with two new canvas maps: Deadlands and Permafrost. These new settings provide endless possibilities for map creation, from desolate wastelands to icy landscapes.


In Season 5, Events evolve into Operations. These are free activities offering 20 tiers of themed rewards and extended durations, making it easier for players to unlock content. Progress in Operations is based on Match XP, available in Matchmaking or Custom Games.

While Operations can be completed for free, premium options are available. For 500 credits, you can make an Operation durable (never expires) and receive a bonus customization item. A 2,000 credit upgrade instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass along with the bonus customization item.

Season 5 promises two exciting Operations: “Combined Arms” and “Winter Contingency III.” Each Operation introduces unique themes and customization rewards for dedicated players.

Halo Infinite Reckoning - Squad

Firefight King of the Hill

Coming later in Season 5 is “Firefight King of the Hill,” a new twist on the classic mode. Team up with friends to capture and defend hills against the Banished onslaught.

Iconic Armor Returns:

Halo: CE fans can rejoice as the Mjolnir Mark V armor is lovingly recreated as an Armor Kit in Halo Infinite. This iconic armor will be available in the shop during the “Combined Arms” Operation, just in time for Halo’s birthday.

New Equipment: Repair Field:

Enhance your tactical gameplay with the Repair Field, a new piece of equipment coming later in Season 5. This device deploys a healing field to restore Spartan health and repair vehicles. Be cautious, though, as it benefits both you and your enemies.

Here we go!

Season 5 of Halo Infinite, aptly titled “Reckoning,” offers an incredible array of content and updates that will revitalize your Halo experience. With new maps, modes, customization options, and an innovative Forge system, the possibilities are limitless. Dive into the action, unlock the Flood’s parasitic power, and conquer the latest challenges. Season 5 is officially live and ready for download, so join the fight, and let the reckoning begin!

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