The Finals – Open Beta

Until yesterday, my awareness of The Finals was minimal. I saw a lot of press get excited about a closed test earlier in the year, and promptly forgot about it.

Then it was brought to my attention (thanks TommyGunLovers!) that the open beta was live as of 26th October. So, a quick download (it’s a very light file size), and I was in the action.

The Finals - Team Screen

Starting with a brief tutorial to help explain the main game mode (essentially it’s a 3v3v3v3 FPS where collecting and then banking money is the objective) and traversal etc. Then you’re on your way.

Quick impressions are that it looks fantastic, runs really well, and the massive destruction of buildings as you’re trying to survive and get that money banked, is fun and frantic. I need to play more than an hour or so, but initial thoughts are that this is a great contender for a new online shooter, perhaps an esport title?

This will be a lot of fun with friends, getting some synergy between the 3 classes and your weapon/gadget loadouts.

Climbing, jumping, exploding. The Finals has it all, and it has the potential to be the next big thing. Whether or not it gains traction is yet to be seen, but it’s singing all the right notes to but a great online experience.

With it being an open beta, there are, as is to be expected, some heavy loads on servers, and some matchmaking issues here and there. But it’s pretty impressive all-around, so far.

The Finals - Winners

From the developer

If you’re a fan of thrilling combat games and have been eagerly waiting for something that will get your adrenaline pumping, then “The Finals” is the ultimate game show you’ve been looking for. In this hyper-realistic, fully destructible virtual world inspired by iconic real-world locations, you and your team will battle it out for fame, riches, and the favor of generous seasonal sponsors. And the best part? “The Finals” Open Beta is here, bringing you new arenas, game modes, cross-play, and more!

New Skyway Stadium Arena and Game Mode

The Open Beta introduces the brand new Skyway Stadium arena, offering a constantly changing and treacherous playground for players. If you’ve ever dreamt of battling it out in the cobblestone streets of Monaco or atop towering skyscrapers in downtown Seoul, “The Finals” has got you covered. And to add even more excitement, the Open Beta introduces the all-new game mode called “Bank-It.” In this casual-friendly, combat-focused mode, four teams of three battle it out for coins, with the goal of reaching the max limit first or having the most cash banked at the end of the round.

The Finals - Destruction

Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

The beta also brings the exciting feature of cross-play and cross-progression between PC and consoles. This means you can team up with friends no matter what platform they’re on, making it easier than ever to engage in epic battles and prove your skills.

The Goals of the Open Beta

The primary objectives of the Open Beta are to validate improvements and changes made from earlier testing on PC, stress-test the game’s server and backend infrastructure at scale, ensure seamless patching and updates across platforms, and gather valuable feedback on the console and gamepad experience. Your input can help shape the future of “The Finals.”

The Finals - Corridor

What to Expect in the Open Beta

  • Iconic Arenas: In addition to the new Skyway Stadium, you can look forward to battling in Monaco and Seoul, each with its unique challenges and environments.
  • New and Updated Game Modes: “Bank-It” is the star of the show, but you can also enjoy other modes like Unranked and Ranked Tournaments, Quick Cash, and the Practice Range to test your skills.
  • Contestant Progression: The Open Beta BattlePass offers 16 exclusive rewards that can be transferred to the full game at launch, as well as 5 Mastery Levels per weapon.
  • League Progression: Climb the ranks and earn permanent rewards in the five leagues, including an exclusive Legendary Diamond Weapon Skin for Diamond tier contestants.
  • Even More Content: With 20 Weapons, 26 Gadgets, and 9 abilities, contestants have a vast array of choices to personalize their gameplay. Plus, there are numerous performance improvements and enhancements to movement and teamplay.

How to Join the Open Beta

Excited to dive into the action? “The Finals” is free-to-play, and you can register for the Open Beta through the PlayStation™ Store, Xbox Game Store, or Steam. For more information and updates, visit or follow the game on Twitter, YouTube, and join the community on Discord.

The Finals - Concept Art

About Embark Studios and Nexon Co., Ltd.

Embark Studios, founded by industry veterans, is on a mission to revolutionize game development with breakthrough technologies. They’re working on two exciting projects, including “The Finals.” On the other hand, Nexon Co., Ltd. is a company with a rich history in the production, development, and operation of online games and virtual worlds, with an impressive list of major game franchises. Their acquisition of Embark Studios is set to bring even more exciting gaming experiences to players worldwide.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an epic journey of fame and riches in a world of unparalleled chaos and destruction, “The Finals” Open Beta is the place to be. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this thrilling gaming experience and shape the future of the game!

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