Headset Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger

I’ve only ever heard of HyperX in the context of computing, so I was very surprised to find that they create gaming headsets, and not just basic gear, but proper, high-end headsets.  Not necessarily aimed at the console market, HyperX are (to my surprise), quite a big name in the PC gaming arena.

With that being said, I was given one of the “Cloud Stinger” headsets, and I have to say, I’m really impressed.

Hitting the “mid-range” price point, you can get this headset from anywhere between £35 – £60 depending on where you shop.


Straight off the bat, I think it’s quite apparent that this has been designed for gaming.  It just has that robust and chunky demeanor, letting you know it’s ready for the hours and hours of whatever you throw at it.

Nothing too flashy, barely any colour other than black, and to be honest, that’s absolutely fine.  The “stealth bomber” stylings make it sleek and no-fuss.

It looks like it’s capable of it’s job, and it’s a modern, slick-looking bit of kit.


As always, this is easily the most important aspect.  Thankfully, after 25+ hours of wearing it playing Titanfall 2, The Division, Mirror’s Edge, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, I can confirm that it sounds great.

In fact of the headsets I’ve reviewed, I’d say this one covers those deeper, bassier sounds better than anything in this price bracket.

The crystal clear game audio really helps with immersion, and the stereo speakers really do the trick.  Bright and clear when needed, deep and bassy, too.

I’ve had no instances of not hearing something properly, or with feeling like the audio sounds tinny or “off”.  Really good, clean game audio.  Excellent.


Along with the audio, my biggest gripe with headsets in this price range is that lack of attention to quality of a microphone.

Luckily here it isn’t the case.

On a solid arm, that’s fixed to the headset, there’s minimal room for movement, other than the “up” and “down” position, which is excellent.

Sure, people like the flexible, detachable mics and to have that freedom, but it creates so many potential issues and inconsistencies.  I’m much happier with these fixed positions.

The quality itself is excellent, I’ve had none of the “what was that?” or “has he disconnected?” type comments when partied up, and it’s exactly what I need.

With the Cloud Stinger you have an added feature whereby putting the microphone arm into the “up” position, it automatically mutes mic audio.  No messing about with on-controller pads etc, it’s a simple and really useful function.  Really cool.


The Cloud Stinger looks like a sturdy piece of kit, and it is exactly that.  It’s chunky and solid.

It’s not so solid that it’s too heavy or particularly bulky.  It kind of hits that sweet-spot between robust and wearable, which is no mean feat!

Adjustable headband, on a steel slider makes it nice and easy to move to get it around your head.  The earcups are apparently “HyperX Signature Memory Foam”, I’m sure it is……All I know is that they are really comfy, and that is all I need!

Speaking of the earcups, they’re covered in either leather or faux-leather, which is my preferred covering, and adds to the comfort.  Ears fit in them nicely, and even over extended periods of time, there’s no discomfort.

With an added volume control slider on the out right-hand earpiece, and the aforementioned auto-mute microphone, it has some subtle additional functions that are unobtrusive, and just work.

The earpieces both rotate 90 degrees for added comfort when just wearing them around your neck which is another nice little touch.


Solid, but light.  Rotating cups for resting it on your neck.  Memory foam and leather covered ear pieces and minimal fuss.

This headset is a work or real thought for comfort and durability.

The cushioning on the headband is barely noticeable and I can’t recall ever feeling like I needed to take it off after a period of time.

I’d argue that this is the most comfortable headset I’ve reviewed to date, and it’s become my go-to set for all gaming, post-review.


This is probably the easiest rating I’ve ever given for a headset.

The most consistent, robust and comfortable set I’ve had yet.  The audio is great and covers some of those deeper-end sounds that other headsets in this price-bracket don’t quite hit.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is an exceptional piece of hardware for the price point and I’d recommend it to anyone.

I’m starting DOOM shortly, and I can’t wait to take-in the highly praised soundtrack with the Cloud Stinger on!

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