Hearthstone – Learning the ways


Ok, so my last Hearthstone post was about getting into it and giving it a go.  This is a little update on that, and my thoughts on it after playing it a little over the past few days.



Well, I did what I set out to do, and unlocked all the classes/characters, which seemed really daunting and quite tough to start with.



I ended up giving up on trying to unlock them all via the Innkeeper, and decided to follow through a couple of the quests, which led to quests that required me to win 3 matches as a certain type.  3 of these quests, meant I had to mix up my characters and therefore my playstyle.  It was actually a pretty good way of getting into the game (although it would appear it was a marketing ploy to buy one of the super-expensive add-ons), and I played loads of opponents online.

I lost a lot, but then started to see wins, mixing up my decks with unlocked cards, using my hard-earned gold to buy more card packs and suddenly I’m engrossed in this card game.

Now, a quick game at lunch if I can squeeze it in, then a couple in the evening, and I’m pretty much hooked.  My losses now are in games where it’s down to the wire, and the draw of a card determines the outcome, not my misunderstanding or bad decision (although they still happen…).



Where next?

Well, I don’t know.  I thought the factions thing was going to lead me into something else, but it didn’t.

I’ve got a couple of classes that I’ve not played as yet, and some quests left to do.  Then, is it just play folk online?  I wonder if it’ll keep me interested or if I’ll just get bored?

No idea. I guess time will tell.  Until then, though, I’m looking forward to a few games here and there and sorting out all those decks!

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