Overwatch – New Hero: Wrecking Ball

Hammond (Wrecking Ball) is live in Overwatch on consoles! Straight off the bat, we’ve got one of the weirdest new heroes yet. A hamster in a mech, fulfilling somewhere between a tank and aggro role. What the…..?!?! Keep rolling Weirdness aside, Wrecking Ball is excellent.  Not only because he’s a hyper-intelligent hamster from the same […]


Overwatch – Doomfist

What’s a Doomfist? Doomfist is the latest hero released in Overwatch.  After much speculation about his existence and when he would come into the game, Blizzard released a nice video giving a little background on the latest version of Doomfist and where he’s been.  Then he was released into the test servers for PC players, […]

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Overwatch – Orisa

Orisa has been released into the wild for a few weeks now, and more importantly, available in competitive, which means I can work on my rank (waaaaay behind, this season!) and give the new girl some real “in-the-field” testing. Following a nice, short build-up to her release, with the die-hard fans piecing things together on […]