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In 1998, I bought the James Bond 007 game on Gameboy, and it inadvertently taught me how to play Black Jack. Thinking about this, and the world of online casinos like CasinoMartini I realised that I’ve never step foot in a real casino, but I’ve learned to play their games, and entered many, virtually.

Does a real-life casino deliver a better experience? I would guess so, the environment, the physical elements that you just don’t get from a game. But winning is winning and losing is losing, real or not.

Here are 3 of the Casino’s that I’ve spent more time in than I ever will in real-life establishments.


James Bond – Marrakesh Casino

The start of it all! My first experience with a casino, real or virtual. Honestly, at the age of 11 or 12, I didn’t really know about Roulette or Baccarat.

I remember it vividly, though. I learned how to play Black Jack. I had to because I had to win a game, to move the story forwards. Honestly, I don’t rember much about the game, but I remember it as my first casino experience!

With all the confidence and bluster of a 12 year old, I felt like I was now a Black Jack master……I’ve played it at any given chance. Turns out I’m terrible, but I have fond memories of how I learned to play.

Unconventional? Absolutely, but that was my first real experience with a casino or gambling. Beyond buying packs of Power Rangers stickers and leaving it up to randomness to get the ones I wanted (same with Premier League stickers!), I had no real notion of gambling.


Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 – Calypso Casino

Another unconventional casino experience.

I spent probably a hundred hours here. Not learning to gamble, not playing games for money. Nope, shooting terrorists and playing attack/defend online.

Dropping down the elevator shaft, taking down the terrorists that had taken it over. Absolutely a classic to me and my brother Danny.

The Calypso Casino is is the birth place of the “Queen and Country” rule. Downstairs, the vault is tied to so many stories of holding it down as a squad, preventing online teams from taking over the joint.

Rappeling down buildings, breaching windows and taking down the bad guys. All set against the backdrop of the luxurious casino.

Calling out “Keno room”, hiding behind fruit machines whilst taking fire. Marble and lights all over the place. Damn, it’s the only casino in the world that I actually miss.

Small onion jokes, the lot. This particular casino is a virtual place that I hold very dear to my heart indeed.

Damn, no I need to re-buy Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 again on PC!


The Gold Saucer

Ok, ok. Not a casino.

This is the premium spot for entertainment in the world of Final Fantasy 7, though, and it sticks out in my mind as one of the best experiences in-game that resembles the modern-day Las Vegas casion’s.

Not just just a place to gamble (chocobo racing, anyone?), but a place to play and enjoy. A place to forget about the real world and everything that’s going on.

Sure, it didn’t teach me to gamble, and I only spent time there to breed Chocobos to get my Golden Chocobo (thanks Adz for making me do that by the way!). But the environment, the music, the colours. It’s a really stood out as the place to be.


GTA Online: Diamond Casino

If we’re talking Casinos in games. This has to be one of the bigger ones these days, right?

You can gamble away your hard-earned money on slot machines, card games and horse racing. Spin the wheel everyu day for a chance to win a free gift.

If you’re a real high-roller, you can buy a penthouse and live there!

We often play games to escape real life, right? Well, this is where you go to escape your in-game life after hustling and being trolled in GTA online.

Win big, and leave like a baller. Or lose, and then get beat-up on the way out becasue other players are aresholes and like to just take people down on-sight.

GTA online is fun is small bursts. Running businesses, doing heists and generally running amok. The Diamond Casino is another place for your debauchery, but it’s a great place to learn about gambling too!

Where else?

I know there must be loads more gaming-halls in MMO’s or casinos to spend in-game currency.

Have you every frequented an in-game casino for any amount of time? Where was it, and why were you there?

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