The Witcher 3 – Cross-save playthrough

The Witcher 3 is one of my favourite all-time games. Compelling story, massive open-world, loads to do etc etc.

Once I finish a game, it’s rare that I play it all again though. Especially something as big as the Witcher 3. But……there are always reasons and exceptions!

In fact, reason number one is that I never played the DLC content. I bought it, but I never played it. Secondly, I bought the game for Nintendo Switch, so I can play it on the go!

Then I built my PC and a core motivation was to be able to run The Witcher 3 with the highest settings and see it at it’s full potential. So I bought it on Epic Game Store (mistake….).

So yeah, I had 3 copies of the game. 2 unplayed, and one finished, apart from the DLC. I literally had no excuse to not play, other than time.

Then it dawned on me……..I can play the Switch and PC version at the same time!



The Switch version of The Witcher 3 comes with a cross-save feature, where, with the right linked-accounts you can use your save from playing on PC, and vice-versa.

Suddenly I was able to play 2 versions of the game, at once. Happy days! Playing The Witcher 3 in all of it’s glory on PC, re-living White Orchard and the Bloody Baron with stunning visuals.

Picking up where I left-off on the Switch to continue clearing out map markers and moving the story along whilst I can’t get to the PC. Honestly, cross-save between platforms should exist for every game going.

The portability of the Switch, and the sheer wonder that such a massive game can run on it, is reason enough to buy and play. But such a small feature opens the game up to you in a way I never expected.

I wanted a game that wasn’t a first-person shooter, or mouse-heavy strategy game. A “proper” third-person game, if you will. Well, the Witcher 3 covers that, and I got the game of the year edition cheap, so I’m set.

Seeing how playing a game like this works with mouse and keyboard, getting a feel for it and re-living a past love. Amazing. But when you’re not at your PC, you end up playing something else on a console or your phone. Not now!

Seriously impressed with the ease of implementation and how well The Witcher 3 runs on Switch (graphical downgrade aside).


It wasn’t pain-free

I made one almighty mistake, and I had to reach out to the developers CD Projekt Red, to see if it could be fixed, without buying a 4th copy of the game…….

Cloud-save/cross-play isn’t enabled with Epic Game store. So my PC version wasn’t any good to me on the Switch.

CD Projekt Red came back to me swiftly and politely advised that cross-save with Epic Game Store isn’t on the cards. What’s a boy to do?

Easy……buy it again on a platform that allows cross-save. Thankfully, a daily deal on CDKeys, saw the game of the year edition of The Witcher 3 on sale for £8.99. What’s one more £9 purchase to play a game that I love, eh?

So I bought it on (the online store owned by CD Projekt Red), and the reast, as they say, is history.

I get to play The Witcher 3, no matter what my circumstaces may be. I can’t always be sat at the PC, especially with a young son and a wife that woudn’t mind seeing me from time to time.

Sure, I’ve bought the same game 4 times, but how many times have I bought other games? If they’re good and I can keep playing them (my biggest weakness when starting PC gaming, is buying games I already have on consoles….), what’s the harm?

Cross-save is excellent, I pick-up where I left-off on my PC or on my Switch and I’m moving through the same playthrough.

Damn, I love this game….

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