Java Update – Crackd Coffee: Focusd

Crackd Coffee is a UK coffee roaster, that roasts and sells gaming themed coffee’s!

When I found a UK-based gaming-focused coffee roaster, I thought 2 things: 

  • My little niche of gaming and coffee, is a thing elsewhere!
  • Is this just some company pushing a gimmick?

The amount of “gamer” or “gaming” crap sold these days is ridiculous. Why would coffee be any different?

So, I reached-out to Crackd and they were really receptive and happy to let me put their coffees through their paces (always a good sign!), and now here we are.

I’ve been through their trilogy of blends and roasts, and put them through the usual process (see below!).

Now, I have to drop the trilogy analogy, and let each Crackd coffee be judged as a standalone product.  I was preparing this write-up about the light roast being the “origin story” etc. But it’s bollocks, and would only give a misconception about each roast.

It’s a shame, because the trilogy analogy for coffee in the gaming sphere would have been lovely (I reckon they should call their next roast “Origin Story” though….), but committing to a bit is a bit stupid.

Anyway, the quick review is this: Crackd ain’t no gimmick company. This is a proper roaster, with a genuine love for gaming.

Now, each roast went through exactly the same process, but each review is done in isolation, and as such, I’ll have individual reviews for “Focusd”, “Gamr” & “G-Force.

This review is for the Crackd Coffee “Focusd” light roast.


The Process

As always, I brew coffees using as many methods as I have at my disposal. The Focusd roast is no exception.

Espresso, Moka Pot, Cold Brew, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex and Cafetiere. Each brew requires different grind settings, different quantities and timings. So I’ve worked really hard to dial-in each method, to yield the best results and get consistent brews.

Focusd went through all of these, and I definitely found that certain methods lent to a better cup.


Straight out of the bag, my favourite smell in the world. Freshly roasted coffee beans. Not as rich as I had anticipated, but the sweet notes quickly took over. Interestingly, the sweetness was rounded-out by a nuttiness, along the lines of almond, subtle, giving it a depth that wasn’t too overwhelming.

Focusd, was the first roast I opened, the moment I made that first grind, I knew this was going to be good. Nutty, sweet and evidently perfectly roasted.



The body of Focusd is what genuinely threw me a curveball. I don’t often drink a light roast, and when putting it through Moka/Espresso, the shots were great, but something wasn’t quite clicking for me.

Then, enter the Chemex…..The moment I brewed Focusd in the Chemex it blew me over. The cup was juicy, literally making my mouth water more. Slightly silky and juicy are the only words I could use to describe it! I fell for Focusd there and then.

I’m so used to strong/creamy/syrupy cups, experiencing the juicy cup of Focusd changed everything. Take it from me, if you want the full benefits here, go pour-over.


Focusd is a lovely, sweet brew. I’ll go so far as to say it was actually fruity once I hit those pour-over brews. Personally, I think it lends itself very much to a sweet and mild black coffee. No need for milk here, it’s not bitter and there’s nothing overpowering.

Nicely balanced between that almond fragrance and the sweetness. Crackd know their stuff.



I think I’ve already said it all!

Focusd is sweet, nutty and has hints of juicy fruitiness in the mouth. It’s an absolute pleasure to drink, and there’s none of the over-bitterness or over-sweetness. Mild (that’s not a bad thing), well balanced and just lovely.

I don’t want to under-sell Focusd, because it’s great! Just, by it’s nature, the lighter roasts don’t always have as prominent features as something a little darker. That’s totally on me, I’m still learning to master the art of coffee (a never ending pursuit!).


Focusd did something for me in coffee that I’ve never experienced. I got to enjoy a coffee that was genuinely light, sweet and juicy. All without milk sugar or sweetners.

It also let me reap some benefits from the Chemex, which is absolutely my least-favourite pour-over method. It’s changed my mind about light roasts, Chemex and potential “gaming” gimmicks.

Crackd have come out of the gates really strong with Focusd, and to me, have shown that they have the ability to compete with the best in the business, awesome awesome work.

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