Java Update: Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso (in a can….)

My coffee coverage is going to improve, I’ve got bags of beans to get through, but I don’t rush the process.  In the meantime, here’s a quick review of an instant-drink coffee in a can from Starbucks.

I know, I know “Starbucks is what’s wrong with coffee” blah blah blah.  Actually, their espresso roast is one of my favourites, and a real go-to whenever I get the chance.  Sure they’re a massive corporation, but it’s ok to enjoy what they create!

Doubleshot espresso

I love a doubleshot as much as the next person, although I’d never add milk or sugar to it (or any coffee for that matter!).

So, this dinky little can isn’t exactly what I’d normally opt for.  A chilled, milky-sweet espresso? Hmmm…..

Why try it? Well, why not? Can’t call yourself a coffee lover and never broaden your horizons, and it’s a quick/easy drink to enjoy, and thus, a quick and easy review opportunity.

Quick shot

I’ll be honest, I had pretty low expectations, but I actually found it to be a decent drink.

As I stated before, I don’t really enjoy coffee with milk and sugar, but when it’s chilled there’s a discernible improvement to that of just cold coffee!  The ratio of coffee/milk/sugar seems pretty decent and it was easy to taste the espresso in there.

I’d actually liken it more to a coffee-flavoured milkshake (something I’m definitely not against!).  It wasn’t just a small double-shot frappuccino in a can, it was a little thicker and felt a little more well-rounded in the mouth.

Drinking it was pleasurable and a really nice way to get that quick coffee hit in the morning, whilst waiting on the cafetiere to brew. 

Being honest I’d say that I couldn’t really smell or taste the beans well enough to identify the blend or tell you what I thought of the roast.  However, it was enjoyable and I’d suggest people give it a try.  Starbucks aren’t the coffee-snobs’ favourite, but I really enjoy most of their offerings, and this is no different.  It met a need and fulfilled the role perfectly.

A decent coffee kick with a sweetness that I don’t usually get with my standard brew, so a pleasant change.

Ninja Refinery First

I enjoyed it so much, in fact that I’m giving it the first ever Ninja Refinery coffee rating! I hereby declare the Starbucks Double-Shot espresso “recommended”.

All being well our coffee coverage is going to increase quite a bit soon, and I’m always on the lookout for new things to try! Keep checking back for more coffee-related bits and pieces in the coming weeks.

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