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In my lifelong quest to try the biggest variety of coffees and coffee-based drink, I often find myself taken aback when I see some obscure beverage on sale at a supermarket.

Now. Coffee is always associated with caffeine, as are energy drinks. So, really, it shouldn’t have been a surprise really when I saw that Monster energy have created an espresso drink.

This is quick-fire so I’ll be brief, but I tried both the standard and vanilla variations of this drink, and to be honest I was quite impressed.

Cold coffee drinks

I’m not a massive fan of coffee with milk in. But having a chilled coffee drink seems to be the exception to the rule, for me.

Much like all the chilled drinks available down the milk aisles of supermarkets, this is a cold drink, with sweetness and added milk.

Does it do much to separate itself from other, more established cold coffee drinks? Not really. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth having. It’s nice to have another option, isn’t it?

Both the drinks here are pretty nice. Nicer than I had anticipated if I’m honest. I mean, would you expect a company known for sugary-sweet energy drinks to deliver a decent coffee? I didn’t.

Delivering a sweet, creamy taste, with a really enjoyable, well-rounded coffee flavour. These are actually quite impressive!

The coffee sits at the back of the overall flavour, with sweetness taking precedence. In the vanilla variation, you’re almost overwhelmed with the vanilla flavouring. Whilst it’s a nice taste it really detracts from the actual coffee element.

It could be that people want a big caffeine hit, with added “Monster Energy Blend”, tied in with a cool, creamy mix. If that’s the case, then this is perfect.

Are they going to take over the coffee world? Probably not. I could quite easily see me picking a couple up to keep in the fridge ready for a hot day when a hot drink isn’t going to do the trick.


The world of coffee is a pretty pretentious place. Hell, I’m reviewing coffee’s like someone who has an opinion that matters…….narcissist much?

So, it’s nice to duck out of the single-origin, ethical-blend world. Not worrying about my grind, and finding the best method to get the best flavour from a blend.

Picking up a drink on the go, one with a promised boost, and a “triple espresso shot” is a pleasant thing to do on occasion.

The market is pretty busy with these types of drink, so for Monster to enter it, and do a decent job straight off-the-bat, is impressive.

I have no problem recommending these as a decently flavoured caffeine hit that fit nicely between your usual Starbucks espresso in a can and the Arctic Coffee/Emmi Caffe drinks in the chilled area.

Great work Monster!

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