Just Cause 3 – Further Thoughts

Since diving back into Just Cause 3, I’ve found myself having a great time.

I’ve given it plenty more space to impress me, and plenty of time to let me either get used to the niggles and annoyances, or get really frustrated by them.

It’s mostly been a combination of both, whilst getting to grips with the additions from the DLC packs.  This game has opened up a little more, and I’ve given benefitted from doing some of the challenges, too.

What’s there to enjoy?

This game definitely excels in wide-open spaces.  You need to be outside (in the game) to truly benefit from your mobility and to get away with the outlandish attempts to destroy everything, with whatever you can use.

Flying, gliding and parachuting are an absolute joy, still.  Now, with the added Bavarium-powered jet pack/wing suit, I have even more mobility when out and about.  I expected it to be perhaps a little too useful, particularly in the base-game where the missions weren’t particularly designed to use it.  But it’s more of a useful assist, than say a game-breaking boost.

Mission variation is actually pretty good!  I was surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed the main quest missions.  Some have been soul destroying, don’t get me wrong.  Most, though, are just great fun.  Chaos and over-the-top scenarios (shooting down choppers whilst on a train, driving a bomb in a car out the back of a cargo plane into the ocean etc).

Challanges are more fun than I remembered, and the earned upgrades are great additions to the game.  I now have 4 tethers instead of two, for double the carnage!  I have mines that are rocket-boosters, all cars I drive have nitrous…….There’s a lot to be gained from a little bit of effort with these micro-missions/minigames.

The characters are clichéd and a little schlocky, but with the antics of the game, it works perfectly.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s all the better for it.  Hell, I’ve spent a lot of my time hung upside down on the bottom of a helicopter in mid-air, whilst taking pot-shots at people.  It’s nonsense, and it’s great!

What’s there to annoy?

Biggest bug-bear is still the ridiculous framerate drops when the action gets intense.  Sure, there’s a lot going on, and it looks great.  But it shouldn’t be so slow that you’re unable to act as quickly as you’re thinking (note: I can’t get away from a bad situation).

Difficulty spikes…….if you’re doing a mission indoors, you’re suddenly at a huge disadvantage.  No freedom to move, and the enemies are seemingly never ending.  I understand that better enemies come out as you progress, and you have to use better gear etc.  But sometimes, you get funneled into a kill-box just because that’s how it’s set up.

Clearing out more regions.  Honestly, it’s great fun clearing out a city or town, or a military base.  But it isn’t fun when it’s actually the meat of the game and there are so many to do.  The variation isn’t really there to keep it exciting.  You have to make your own fun, by approaching them differently, which I suppose is the point.  But when you’re ready to do the next mission but forced to clear more regions, it becomes a grind really quickly.

Moving forwards

After a little bit of research, it looks like I have about 4 missions left of the main campaign, so I’ll get that finished off this week.

I’ve started all 3 of the DLC questlines.  Already had a nice play in a big mech, got myself some kind of super-speed boat and of course the wonderful addition of the jet-assisted wing suit.  So I’ll finish those off, time permitting.

Despite the grindy-elements, it’s still a blast, and creating carnage never gets dull.  Lets hope it lasts until I’m finished!

Still clumsy

It turns out, that no matter how long I play for, I cannot improve upon my own stupidity…….


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