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Monster Hunter World – Top tips

We’re back on our Monster Hunter World bullshit, and I’ll be honest, it feels great to make a return after a good chunk of time away.

I’ve already written about the resurgence of players coming to Monster Hunter World over at but I think there’s a lot more to be said for those just joining the hunt for the first time.

So, here’s a bit about the game and some quick tips to helping you get stuck-in as quickly as possible.

Just remember to not let the community get too intense. Have fun, learn, play with others and fire that SOS flare. There’s no shame in just playing and having a good time. Not everyone needs to be a hardcore solo player.

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About Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter series, developed by Capcom, has captivated gamers for years with its unique blend of action, strategy, and RPG elements. The core gameplay revolves around players taking on the role of a Hunter, embarking on quests to track and defeat colossal monsters in various environments. Each installment of the series has built upon this foundation, introducing new monsters, environments, and gameplay mechanics.

Monster Hunter World, the latest entry in the series as of my last update, represents a significant evolution. It stands out with its refined mechanics, stunning graphics, and a more immersive and expansive world. Unlike its predecessors, which were divided into separate zones, World offers a series of vast, interconnected ecosystems, making the hunting experience more fluid and dynamic.

The game also introduced new tracking mechanics, allowing players to follow monsters using environmental clues. With its approachable gameplay, World has been designed to be more accessible to newcomers while still challenging veteran hunters.

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Top Ten Tips for Starting Monster Hunter World

  1. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of the game, such as hunting, gathering, and crafting. Get to know the different weapon types and find the one that suits your playstyle.
  2. Start with Training: Use the training area to practice with different weapons. This helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon type.
  3. Study Your Prey: Each monster has unique behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses. Before going on a hunt, learn about the monster’s habits and vulnerabilities to plan your strategy.
  4. Preparation is Key: Stock up on essential items like potions, traps, and bombs. Make sure to eat a meal at the canteen for buffs before embarking on a hunt.
  5. Master the Art of Dodging: Timing your dodges to avoid attacks is crucial. Learn the attack patterns of monsters to know when to dodge or guard.
  6. Utilize the Environment: The environment in Monster Hunter World can be used to your advantage. Use the terrain, flora, and fauna to help you in battles.
  7. Join a Squad: Teaming up with other hunters can make difficult hunts more manageable. Join a squad or play with friends for coordinated hunting.
  8. Upgrade Your Gear Regularly: As you progress, ensure your weapons and armor are upgraded. This makes a significant difference in your ability to take down tougher monsters.
  9. Patience is a Virtue: Some hunts can be long and challenging. Be patient, and don’t rush in recklessly. Take your time to study the monster and strike at the right moment.
  10. Enjoy the Journey: Monster Hunter World is vast and full of wonders. Take your time to explore the world, engage in side quests, and enjoy the experience of being a hunter.

Remember, Monster Hunter World is a game of skill and strategy, where patience and practice pay off. Happy hunting!

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