No Man’s Sky – Final Thoughts

It isn’t possible to ever really “finish” No Man’s Sky.  Sure, there’s a couple of questlines to complete, should you choose to, but otherwise, it’s a never ending exploration of space, which, when you think about it, is pretty bloody cool!

I’ve made no secrets about the fact that the whole mine-craft-mine-craft style of game isn’t really for me, and that’s really what’s stopping me from further exploring the game.  I know I’ve not seen all of it, I know I never will.  What I do know, though, is that I had a great time, I named systems and planets and saw what it had to offer a newcomer.  What I saw was great.

Why stop now?

I just don’t feel like I’m making any kind of meaningful progression.  I’m a little lost without a story and some direction.  Sure, that’s more on me than it is No Man’s Sky, but it’s a wonderful game that just isn’t keeping me engaged.

Let me be clear, I’m actually a big fan of the game, the freedom, the exploration, the lonliness.  No Man’s Sky really makes you feel like you’re alone in space.

The problem is, the joy of exploration is short-lived for me, and then I’m stuck having to find yet more plutonium, or spend ages trying to stay alive, tracking down that last bit of platinum I need.

Survival and exploration are great, but I don’t need to feel that stressed out all the time, when I’m playing a game in my supposed downtime.

What’s to love?

Everything in No Man’s Sky is great, honestly.  It looks great, the algorithm that randomly generates the planets and systems, and the life on them is incredible.

The audio is excellent, with the music really hitting home how lonely it really is.

Discovering somewhere, landing there and claiming it, is goddamn cool, and it never gets old.

I totally see how people could exclusively play this game forever more.  It’s so vast and I know I’ve not even scratched the surface on some of the gameplay yet.  I hadn’t built a base, I’ve not bought a freighter, I didn’t even earn enough to actually buy a ship, I just scavenged and survived.


This is a really weird one for me, it’s not that I’ve had a bad time, in fact I’ve been constantly impressed and in awe.  It just isn’t the type of game that I want to spend my time on.  All the micromanaging and surviving, it’s just not my idea of fun.

Truth is, despite the furore surrounding the original release of No Man’s Sky, this is a game with a lot to offer, and potentially never ending gameplay.  Who else offers that in such a lovely looking, and pretty accessible manner?

No Man’s Sky get’s the “recommended” rating, with ease.  Hell, in many ways it’s exceptional, but I can’t bring myself to sink more time in it, aimlessly wandering, I need purpose and even thought that’s on me (I could use my imagination!), it isn’t an essential experience in my mind.

It doesn’t deserve the bad name it has, it deserves to be re-played by those that dismissed it initially, and I hope that it starts to get some recognition again.

I know one day I’ll jump back in and pick up where I left off, but there’s so much else to play, I can’t justify the time in doing nothing for hours……which is odd really, because it could be argued that playing games is essentially doing nothing…..Anyway, until we meet again No Man’s Sky. I look forward to exploring more one day.

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