Using your PlayStation 4 Screenshots

When I started taking screenshots on the PlayStation 4, it never occurred to me that it might not be straight-forward to use them elsewhere. I mean, what’s the point in taking them if you can’t use them easily?

On the Xbox One, you can just get them from your account on or better yet, use a service like, enter your gamertag, and there they are, as well as your clips and recordings.

No such luck with the PlayStation. In fact, if you do a bit of looking around, it appears that you either share photos on social media (not ideal with the amount I take!), or you have to put in a memory stick, and copy them off. Seriously? Is it that complex?

Well……yes and no. True, these are the primary options, but I’ve found that there’s a much easier way. It might involve having to ask someone else for help to set it up (minimal effort), but it’s so much easier.

I do love me some screenshots!

What to do

All you need to do is set up a chat with a friend on PlayStation and have them leave after joining. Then, you’re left with a one-sided conversation, where you can share your screenshots.  Better yet, you could have a brother who has forgotten his account details and just spam them to him……….Thanks Jacob!

Solid start, right? All you need to do now is go to, sign in and access your chats/conversations from the homepage, and there they are in all their glory. Click on one, right-click to download, and there, it’s on your computer.

Better yet, if you have the messenger app on your phone, you can download them directly to your phone from the conversation.

Sure, it’s a little backwards, and it shouldn’t really require doing it this way, but it works, it isn’t actually spamming anyone with photos, and you can quickly access them wherever you are. Simple!

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