Overwatch – Doomfist

What’s a Doomfist?

Doomfist is the latest hero released in Overwatch.  After much speculation about his existence and when he would come into the game, Blizzard released a nice video giving a little background on the latest version of Doomfist and where he’s been.  Then he was released into the test servers for PC players, and the world of Overwatch was abuzz!

Now he’s been out on console for a couple of weeks, and I’ve finally gotten round to getting back onto Overwatch and had a few rounds with him to get a feel for the latest hero!

How is he?

So, I play mostly as a tank in Overwatch.  Using DPS heroes isn’t my strong point and it’s something I really want to work on.  Using Tracer or Sombra yield my best results, but I’m not a good part of a team when I’m playing with any of those heroes.

Enter Doomfist, a guy that has a massive gauntlet, ready for some serious damage!  A dude that I expected to be super tough, and super powerful.  I thought he might be my go-to DPS hero with a little practice………he still might be.

Doomfist doesn’t have resilience I had expected, he can get squished pretty quickly if he’s on the front line in the middle of a group of the enemy team.  However, that’s where he’s supposed to be!

My understanding is that when he connects with one of his abilities, it creates a temporary shield, to help stay alive in these scenarios, problem is, I wasn’t really connecting with much of anything for a start.

Of his abilities, he has a charge-up flying punch, a ground-pound style punch, an uppercut that launches himself and the enemy into the air, and some kind of fist-fired shotgun.

I really really struggled to combine these moves effectively and I definitely couldn’t find a pace/range quickly enough to be much use in the first couple of rounds.  But I started to see the benefit and the power that comes with the charged-up punch.

Using his moves for mobility seems like a key factor here, upper-cutting into the air, then using the punch to fly forward and cover areas quickly when trying to get back to a capture point came in really handy.  Even jumping over gaps that other, less-mobile heroes wouldn’t be able to do.

Now, I was getting a feel for moving about, but timing abilities, and more importantly, connecting with them, is still an issue.  That, and using his ultimate effectively.

His ultimate sees you launching up into the air, and then controlling the placement of a large target on the ground.  You have some real nice freedom of movement indoors, and out, letting you strike down with a massive ground-pound, wherever you choose.  Great!  This should be easy, right?  Well, yeah…….I got to folk, and slammed down, but I made very few direct hits, and I don’t think anyone was eliminated as a result of me using my ultimate, like, at all, ever.


Any good?

I really don’t think it’s fair to have a proper opinion at this point.  I feel like there’s quite a steep learning curve with him, but that’s maybe not accurate.  I hadn’t played Overwatch for at least a month, before jumping in with Doomfist, so I was re-gaining my bearings anyway.

I want to give him some focused time, and see if I can get any better with him.

The beauty of this game is that all the heroes require some learning and practice.  It’s just about choosing the ones you like, for whatever reasons, and understanding their role in a team.

Will Doomfist become a favorite of mine? I don’t know.  I need a DPS main, and he’s as good as any at this point.

I don’t know how he sits in the current “meta” (I’ve grown to really hate this term, used for any multiplayer game at the moment), and I don’t play at a level where that matters to me a great deal, so it’s not going to become a factor on if I decide to spend more time with him.

Team composition is always key, and unless I can provide a decent service as DPS, I will always end up a tank or healer.  So, I need to see if I can pick his abilities up quickly and effectively, and for that, only time will tell.

I like the idea of Doomfist, I like the aesthetic and the concept of him being a leader of Talon.  If I can get through a few rounds without so many deaths, he could be a real contender for frequent use for me.  But so could anyone else…….


Stick the L-plates on

Here’s the footage of me getting to grips with Doomfist, after a couple of games of Lucio ball (more on that, later).


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