Overwatch – More thoughts on Doomfist

Apart from playing Lucio Ball, I’ve been hitting QuickPay as often as possible, and where I can, getting some time with Doomfist.

I started out thinking he should be out on the front line, smashing through everything.  But he seems so fragile, that jumping into large encounters seemed not to work well. Certainly not for me anyway.

I’ve come to actually really like using him though, strong and agile, with quick ability recharges.  Some definite strengths.

Using him as more of a “clear out the zone” kinda hero seems to be much more fruitful. Hanging back, letting the enemy team come to us and start to engage. Then smash into the fray, clear them out, and bolt again.

Quick and surgical strikes, playing a support to any skirmish, seems to be the way. Not tanking all the shots (not possible) and not trying to be up front as a distraction. But lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

One on one encounters don’t always go well, but that’s mostly due to me panicking and wasting my abilities.  Jumping in to clear out a contested zone, is where it’s at!

I’ve seen him described online as a “cheetah”, using bursts of energy to get the job done, but lurking and waiting in between those bursts.  I think it’s a pretty spot-on analysis of how best to use him, and, short of me losing to the compulsion to just get into fray, it’s this ethos that I try to work to.

He’s a powerful, but fragile hero. A glass cannon.

Definitely my now go-to DPS if I need to fulfill that role, and a hero that I want to get some serious time with, now.

Great job Blizzard!!

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