Overwatch – New Hero: Wrecking Ball

Hammond (Wrecking Ball) is live in Overwatch on consoles!

Straight off the bat, we’ve got one of the weirdest new heroes yet. A hamster in a mech, fulfilling somewhere between a tank and aggro role.

What the…..?!?!

Keep rolling

Weirdness aside, Wrecking Ball is excellent.  Not only because he’s a hyper-intelligent hamster from the same lunar colony as Winston, but because of the style of play he allows for.

I feel like the Overwatch team really gave him some special attention.

He’s either a four-legged tank with twin canons with a pretty high rate of fire, or he’s a rolling ball of doom.

Super-mobile, and with a grappling hook that allows him to build speed around corners, or to swing up into the air and get some verticality.  Wrecking Ball has it all.

Popping out of ball mode almost instantly, means you’re in offensive tank mode quickly, with an additional shield ability to dampen the damage he takes for a short while.

I’d suggest that he’s one of the most meta-changing Overwatch heroes ever.  Of course, I don’t really follow the “meta” (a term I’ve grown to loathe in recent years), but how can such a mobile and offensive tank hero, not be?

How is he?

The thing with Hammond is that, to me he plays the roles of both Doomfist and perhaps D.Va as well.  The agility with the better health pool and an ultimate that covers a wide-area with mini proximity mines (they look like little hamster poo-balls).

I love D.va and I really enjoy trying to be an effective Doomfist.  Now, Wrecking ball isn’t going to replace either of them.

That aggression required makes him almost like a DPS hero, which just doesn’t suit my play style.  But he’s so much fun in quicklplay!

Grappling onto a central column or a corner, and then swinging around at full speed is awesome.  Knocking the living bejeezus out of the enemy team, or just physically pushing them off a point.  So cool! Super aggressive for such a tiny little guy.

I love Hammond as a concept and I think he’s got a wonderful ability set and some great mobility.  If I was an aggressive player, he’d be my choice.  Wrecking Ball is a really really solid hero and an awesome reflection on the world of Overwatch.

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