Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – It’s here!

A few hours early, and my code for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds was sent through to get stuck in on Xbox One.

After weeks of waiting, reading and studying, I felt like I was quite prepared to dive in and go for it…….I was, kind of.

By my 3rd round, I managed to get a 3rd place finish.  Since then, it’s been around the 50’s mark.  So I’m not exactly expecting my chicken dinner anytime soon.


How is it?

Nobody cares how good I am at it, it’s more important to know whether or not it works, both literally and in the sense of it being ported over to console from PC.

Simply put, the answer is yes.

It works pretty well, it’s not perfect, which is why it’s still in “early access”, but it’s a really promising start if you ask me!

The good

I think the best thing to me is the control scheme, it works really well.  Adding attachments, dropping and picking up items.  It’s all there and it’s actually pretty fluid.  I imagine it’s a nightmare coming from the PC version, but as a first-timer it really works.

Nothing seems to be missing, the map is huge, the vehicles, the weapons and the  gear is all there.  Vaulting and climbing over stuff is included, which wasn’t expected, and 100 player chaos is in full flow.

Once you’re on the ground, everything flows pretty well, I’ve not noticed and dips in framerate, and it’s a smooth, steady set up.  Really nice.

The not so good

I think the only real issues so far are the texture pop-in, which is at times, a little ridiculous.  Not the end of the world, but come on, we’re in 2017, how is that still a thing?

Secondly, the framerate on the starting island, and in the plane, it’s really janky.  Thankfully it’s brief and doesn’t really impact gameplay at all.

Looking ahead

I’m streaming for as long as possible with all of my plays, and I’m hoping to jump into some duos soon, and eventually squad matches when they become available.  It’s a lot of fun solo, and I’m working on getting that Chicken Dinner, but I’m learning the ebbs and flows, and getting to grips with everything.

After it’s been out a few weeks, and we’ve hopefully seen some patching, I’ll properly review it.

Other than that though, I’m jumping in feet-first and getting as much time in it as I can.

Catch me over on Mixer, and watch all the recordings over on YouTube.

It’s been out a few hours, so we’re only just getting started!

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