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Gaming is big business, and it goes well beyond just playing games.  We become engrossed in massive universes and feel like we become a part of them.  How do you show the rest of the world what universes you love?  Easy! Go to the best gaming apparel creator in the industry, Insert Coin.

Inspired by?

It might seem weird to say that Insert Coin are one of my biggest influences.  I mean, clothing and blogging aren’t the same thing are they?  There is plenty of common ground though, found in gaming and our blatant love for it.

Insert Coin are a company that are very clearly in love with their work and what they do.  Better yet, they come across as some of the nicest people.

When a company is this passionate about gaming, shown in their designs, shown in their EGX giveaways (that shit gets bananas!), and shown in their online presence, it’s really hard not to get caught up in it.

Seeing them grow, and share their passion over the past few years has been really inspiring.  Just doing what they love and going all-in with it.  I can only imagine the work involved in getting those first licences for the initial t-shirts, and the work to get their gear out there.

I know I didn’t get to know about them as soon as they launched, but the moment I laid eyes on the “Castle Town Ocarina Supplies” t-shirt, I knew these guys were on my wavelength.

Seeing Insert Coin evolve like they have, and to still receive the same level of service, and to see the same consistent high-level of design and customer interaction, you just know these guys are the real deal.  They know how to do this, and they do the best job, all from a place of a love of gaming.

My personal Insert Coin history

Being a fan of the goods made by Insert Coin, I have definitely invested a good amount of money on their designs.

I’ve pre-ordered Assassins Creed Hoodies and gloves, I jumped for joy at the initial batch of Shenmue designs, and got pre-orders in then, too.

I scour every sale, and I would guess that 80% of the clothing I’ve purchased over the past 5 years or so, has been Insert Coin.

The subtle designs, and the 100% genuine collaborations with publishers mean I’ve always felt like I was genuinely representing games and worlds that I love.

So many friends have bought gear from here too, with myself and my brothers often racing to be the first to get an item, so the others won’t buy it, for fear of being seen together wearing matching clothing.

Insert Coin are as much a part of my personal gaming experience, as the games they’re representing and I’m playing.

Why the love?


When someone does something well, it should be shared with as many people as possible, simple!  If one person discovers Insert Coin and their array of gaming gear, because of this post, I’d consider it a massive success.

Starting this site has been an experiment and is an ongoing learning process, but the thing that I hope comes across, is my love for the medium of gaming.

At the beginning, I had a lot of concerns about being taken seriously, about being criticised and being at the whims of the internet. People like Insert Coin, and others that I’ll be doing these “Inspired by” bits on, are the people that have helped me to realise that it’s worth just going for it.  If you love doing something, or you want to try something new, just bloody do it, and go with it.

Alright, I’m making no money from here, and I’m not expecting to change the world, but I do it for the sheer joy of it, and it’s amazing what can happen when you do that.

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