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Quick Look: Monster Train

I’ve been on a deck-builder and roguelite kick at the minute. Thanks largely to Balatro. And one game I’ve always wanted to give some time to has been Monster Train. People rarely talk about Slay the Spire without mentioning Monster Train, and now I see why.

Card battler that relies on roguelite elements to build-out your deck. Improving your cards and your perks permanently run after run.

Having gotten back into Hades, Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy 2 recently. Along with the poker-based Balatro, I’ve been really enjoying run after run of combat in one way or another. So Monster Train was ripe for a good run.

Here we are!

Innovative Gameplay and Engaging Narrative

Monster Train sets itself apart with its innovative gameplay mechanics and engaging narrative. The game’s unique approach to deck-building and strategic combat, combined with its intriguing storyline, offers a fresh and captivating experience. The multi-tiered combat system adds a strategic depth that is both challenging and rewarding.

Similar to Slay the Spire in many ways, yet Monster Train sets itself apart enough to be a different thing.

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Strategic Depth and Replayability

With a plethora of cards to choose from and multiple clans with distinct playstyles, Monster Train offers an impressive level of strategic depth. The game encourages experimentation and adaptation, providing a high replay value. Players can discover new synergies and strategies in each run, keeping the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

Artwork and Design

The vibrant and detailed artwork of Monster Train brings its fantastical world to life. Character designs are diverse and imaginative, enhancing the game’s appeal. The user interface is thoughtfully designed, allowing players to focus on strategy without being hindered by cumbersome navigation.

Whilst it works for the game, I’ll be honest, the style is a bit “mobile game advert” for me. It’s easy to use and accessible and doesn’t make the game any less fun.

Monster Train - Map

Sound Design

Monster Train’s sound design is another high point, with a fitting soundtrack that enhances the game’s atmosphere. Sound effects and audio cues are well-executed, complementing the gameplay and adding an extra layer of immersion.

It works for me, and doesn’t distract, which can be a pain with a card game, so it’s been pretty impressive.

Difficulty and Accessibility

While Monster Train offers a rewarding challenge for seasoned players, newcomers to the deck-building genre might find the difficulty curve steep. However, the challenge is part of what makes the game so satisfying. Players who invest the time to learn the game’s mechanics will find a deeply rewarding experience.

Monster Train - Stats


Monster Train is a standout game in the deck-building genre, offering a unique and engaging experience that is both challenging and rewarding. With its strategic depth, innovative gameplay, and high replay value, it’s a game that will captivate both fans of the genre and newcomers.

It’s aesthetic isn’t my cup of tea, but beyond that it’s a deep and engaging deck builder. And another game that sits on my Steam Deck for those times where you just want to squeeze a quick run, in something, in. I’m please I’ve gone from never played, to now playing!

While the difficulty might be daunting for some, the depth and variety it offers make it a highly recommended title for those looking for a challenging and fulfilling gaming experience.

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