Hardware Review: Fifine AM6 Microphone

One of my favourite things about running this site is that as it’s gradually grown, it’s allowed me to engage with companies that make games and gaming gear. I absolutely love getting to grips with headsets, controllers, and now, microphones.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a review unit for the Fifine Ampligame AM6 microphone. Now, without spoiling the whole review, I think that Fifine might be a company to watch out for in the future.

I’ve not been familiar with their products before this one, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer.

So…….what is the Fifine AM6? And why do we care about it?

Fifine AM6 - Box shot


This is the core feature, right? A microphone had better sound decent, or at the very least, not sound terrible. The Fifine AM6 microphone is great. Considering the cost (approximately £60 on Amazon at the time of writing), the clarity on the microphone is decent.

I’ve used it largely for Discord chat whilst playing online, and a little bit of audio recording for a recent YouTube video over at and it’s delivered admirably.

Understand that the Fifine AM6 isn’t an audio professional tool. It’s a quality chat microphone to replace the ones that come in headsets. And it delivers in its role perfectly.

It also features a one-click noise cancellation function that minimizes background noise, ensuring your voice stands out during gaming or live streaming. The cardioid pickup pattern of this condenser microphone keeps the focus on your voice, not the ambient sound, perfect for immersive game communication and strategic discussions. Or apologising for killing friends in Helldivers….

Fifine AM6 - In Action


One thing that really stood out to me here is the Fifine AM6’s intuitive Game/Voice Balance Knob. Usually something you see on the USB cables of headsets, this is actually built into the microphone. It allows you to seamlessly adjust the mix of game sounds and voice chat, ensuring you never those all-important comms on a mission or raid. The design includes convenient on-device controls for microphone gain and headphone volume, allowing for effortless real-time adjustments without breaking your gaming focus.

There’s even a 3.5mm Jack to plug your headphones into it. So you’re essentially using the Fifine AM6 a your one-stop gaming audio shop.

The microphone’s quick mute button is a great, allowing for instant silence without needing to pause your gameplay. Real-time headphone monitoring ensures your voice relays clearly and accurately during intense gaming sessions. The integrated volume controls further streamline your experience, providing convenient access to adjust both input and output levels directly on the microphone.

Fifine AM6 - Controls


We all love a bit of RGB lighting, right? Well, Fifine have got you covered with the AM6. Whislt not the start attraction (function over form, every time!). It sure doesn’t hurt to look so lovely. With the plastic diffusing the light to a soft glow. Those two-tone or single colours look fantastic.

Add to it the general design and build of the unit and you’ve got yourself a pretty, capable and feature-rich unit!

The Fifine AM6 will definitely look that part with your gaming rig or console setup.


Setting up the Fifine AM6 is a breeze—simply plug it into your computer or console’s USB port, and you’re ready to dive into your next adventure or streaming session. Its plug-and-play design ensures easy compatibility and swift transitions between different recording or gaming setups, making it a versatile choice for gamers and content creators alike.

I expected driver issues, or some ropey third-party software (I see a lot of this at the minute), but there’s no additional effort or install. Take it out of the box, plug it in and use it! Simple.

Fifine AM6 - Mute


The microphone is becoming a core element in every gamer setup. No longer satisfied with headset mics that do half a job or get easily damaged.

The Fifine AM6 is a perfect entry into the market. Relatively low-cost, clear audio, features to manage your headset and balance the input/output audio. This is how you get into squad chat and keep your setup looking great.

This isn’t a professional recording device by any stretch. But it is better quality than you’d expect at the price point.

The Fifine AM6 earns our “Highly Recommended” award!

Highly Recommended

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