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This is just a quick one but a worthwhile note on how ratings are changing a little here at Ninja Refinery. I’ve reviewed and rated plenty of games, coffee and peripherals and found myself largely happy not using a score-based system. I don’t agree with scores, and wrote about it a while ago but it doesn’t mean that my rating system isn’t flawed.

There’s some grey in that black and white……

So, whilst I’ve been rating “Not Recommended”, “Recommended” and “Exceptional”, I’ve found myself stuck sometimes when something is really good, but not quite “Exceptional”. No doubt it seems silly, but rating things is kinda my bag here, so I want it to be as clear as possible to anyone taking the time to read things here.

That’s all to say that there’s a new tier in the rating system. Introducing the “Highly Recommended” award.

New Rating

Moving forwards

As with anything, should always be adapting and changing to the ebb and flow of what comes this way. We’re not averse to change, nor are we afraid to say sometimes we can improve. The rating changes may be small, but it will open-up a significant gap that has been apparent for a little while.

The word “Exceptional” should be held for cases where something is just that. Exceptional. Something like nothing else, something very special indeed.

“Recommended” is a good rating, but sometimes softens the impact of a good rating because it wasn’t quite exceptional, but was heading in that direction.

This should give us the balance we need to just make it a bit more impactful, without ruining the system, without giving anything a fair shot, and without using scores.

For reference, they’re colour-coded, too (and I’ve adjusted the font to match the recent re-branding).

The ratings go: Red (Not Recommended), Onyx (Recommended), Green (Highly Recommended) and Platinum (Exceptional). Also, yes, I am colourblind…..

New Rating

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