Shooter Games as Therapy: Exploring the Therapeutic Potential

According to the World Health Organization, approximately one in eight people around the globe currently suffer from mental health issues. The most common are anxiety, and depression, conditions that up to 20% of adults may experience at some point in their lives. However, there could be a promising solution at hand. Researchers have discovered a link between shooter games and alleviating the symptoms of mental disorders.

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Removing Stigma

Gamers who love first-person shooters can often be misjudged by people who don’t understand the level of violence involved. Anyone who learns to play games such as League of Legends or Dota 2 can reassure critics that the games are tastefully presented. They rely primarily on skills such as fast reflexes, planning strategy, and accurate aiming. In a similar way, people suffering with prolonged mental health disorders can be viewed as a potential threat to themselves or society. There are positive signs that when gaming and mental health are aligned, there are many benefits to be gained.

Improved Social Skills

Mental health issues nearly always lead to isolation. Playing online shooter games are instantly accessible to everyone, particularly high-quality, free-to-play games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive. People without any gaming skills can easily learn the basic rules of a first-person shooter game. Playing the games provides an instant connection with the gaming community. There are lively, online conversations to participate in, and amateur and professional games to watch. Most importantly, research has revealed that simply connecting and socializing with other people helps reduce the isolation of mental health.

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Valuable Escapism

Anyone suffering mental health disorders generally feels overwhelmed by their emotions. Shooter games such as Valorant provide a valuable escape from conditions such as depression. Players choose agents with distinctive personalities and detailed backstories. As players interact with others during a game, the agents provide them with alter-egos that have exciting adventures. The entertainment provided by developing plots that are actually influenced by players can have a positive effect on mental health. Players become so absorbed in the games, they may feel their symptoms are reduced.

Improving Cognitive Disorders

Studies have shown that people suffering lapses in memory or coordination often find their condition improves when playing first-person shooters. The games help develop concentration and multi-tasking. Taking control of an agent’s in-built abilities helps improve hand-to-eye coordination, reflex actions, and observation skills. The speed of the games usually helps players improve their abilities without them even realizing it.

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Online Shooter Games as Therapy

Psychologists agree that video games should not replace traditional methods of treating mental health. However, they acknowledge the value of shooter games as an additional source of therapy for a wide range of mental health disorders. Shooter games can help improve social skills and cognitive actions while reducing loneliness. Discover the positive benefits of shooter games at and improve mental health.

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