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Starting out in Helldivers 2

Oh my. Helldivers 2 kinda came out of nowhere for us here at ninjarefinery.com and it’s been such a pleasant surprise. We’ve largely forgotten about everything else in the world.

Delivering Liberty to these invaders is highly satisfying, incredibly fun and it’s a game you can dip in and out of. Something we’ve needed more of as of late. It’s great to be stuck into a big solo experience, but that game for 20 minutes here and there is a necessity. Helldivers 2 is filling that niche and giving us those endorphins in short bursts.

I’ll be honest, though. I’ve learned a lot in my first few hours. I was green and not an ideal team mate….hell, I’m pretty consistent with accidental friendly fire from my well-placed cluster bombs and minefields.

Don’t be like me, be like these tips!

Helldivers 2 - Salute

1. Heed the Call of Duty:

Before each mission, check your orders in the bottom right corner. Major Orders represent the community’s current objective, while Minor Orders offer bonus rewards for specific tasks. Completing both contributes to the greater good and lines your pockets with valuable resources.

2. Full Map Clear or Bust:

While rushing the main objective might seem tempting, aim to clear the entire map whenever possible. This not only nets you bonus XP and currency, but also weakens the enemy presence and aids your fellow Helldivers. Remember, completing the primary objective early ensures a smoother extraction if things go south.

3. Prioritize Sample Collection:

Samples are the lifeblood of upgrading your ship and its support capabilities. Gather them from plants and nodes during missions, but be careful – dying with samples means recovering them or losing them forever. The good news is that samples are shared among your team, so everyone benefits from your green thumb.

Helldivers 2 - Basic Training

4. Pack Your Support Weapon:

Unlike your primary and secondary weapons, your support weapon isn’t pre-loaded in your drop pod. You can either snag one from a fallen comrade, find one in the open world, or equip a Support Weapon Stratagem. Remember, these powerful weapons are especially effective against armored foes, making them a valuable asset in your arsenal.

5. Friendly Fire? More Like Friendly Annihilation:

Helldivers 2 features friendly fire, so be mindful of your teammates when using explosives or area-of-effect Stratagems. A misplaced airstrike can be just as devastating as a stray bullet, so keep your allies in mind during the heat of battle.

6. Adapt and Conquer:

Different mission types call for different approaches. Consider the enemy composition and objectives when choosing your loadout. Don’t be afraid to swap weapons and Stratagems to best suit the situation. Additionally, be flexible with your role within the team. If a teammate needs support with long-cooldown abilities, consider using shorter-cooldown options to fill the gaps.

Helldivers 2 - Explosion

7. Operation: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

Operations, consisting of a series of linked missions, offer increased rewards for completing subsequent missions within the chain. Sticking with your squad throughout an Operation maximizes your Medal gain and overall efficiency. Remember, a cohesive unit is far more effective than a lone wolf in the face of overwhelming odds.

8. Spend Wisely, Soldier:

Medals are used to unlock new items in Warbonds, similar to a progression track. Plan your spending strategically, focusing on Warbonds containing the specific items you desire. Spreading your Medals too thin can hinder your progress later on.

9. Democracy is Best Served with Friends:

While Helldivers 2 can be enjoyed solo, the true fun lies in the camaraderie of cooperative play. The easy-to-use matchmaking system allows you to join ongoing Operations or squad up with friends. Remember, laughter and teamwork are powerful tools against the enemy, so grab your squad and fight for Super Earth!

Helldivers 2 - Take Aim

10. Bonus Tip: Communication is Key

While not mandatory, using voice chat or text communication can significantly improve coordination and overall enjoyment. Sharing intel, calling out targets, and strategizing with your team can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a valuable asset to the Helldiver Corps. Remember, soldier, fight for Democracy, and above all, have fun!

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