Stream Team Showdown!

Did you know that Ninja Refinery hit affiliate level on Twitch last year? Did you also know that friend of the site JackelOP88 also hit Twitch affiliate, so we formed a stream team.

The NinJack stream team is a real thing, and you can join the community we’re building!

Join us over on our community Discord server here and come have some fun.

Speaking of fun, whilst we work out what our stream team is and can be, we’re trying something out. Our first NinJack Throwdown.


NinJack Throwdown?

What on earth is a NinJack Throwdown?

Well, it’s going to be a series that we put on throughout the year(s), of events. Ninja Refinery vs JackelOP88. Not just streams of us battling it out on games, though. This is a community after all!

The first throwdown will be in Rainbow Six Siege and the teams will be made up of the community. The teams aren’t hand-selected or anything. It’s down to myself and JackelOP88 to canvas the community for their support.

The gloves are already off, slander and campaign chaos is underway. Twitter shots have been fired, and more will be before a single weapon is fired in Rainbow Six.

Better still, there are real-world repercussions for the loser. Again, the community can help decide the losers’ fate. Will Ninja Refinery create a nice personal Instagram post on JackelOP88’s account? Perhaps JackelOP88 will get to choose my next stream outfit, or meal to eat on camera. Or a whole host of other things…..

It’s funny, it’s been nice to get everyone involved. We’re small-time, but we have some great friends in the Discord server. Even if you don’t want to play, you can join in on the live streams and vote with channel points.

Everyone can join in one way or another!

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