Tears of the Kingdom – Final Trailer

Nintendo have released the final trailer for The Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom and it’s a big one! Arguably more exciting than the great gameplay demo we saw a couple of weeks ago!

Honestly, there’s so much to take in that I need to watch it a hundred more times. But my instant takeaways were these:

  • Wingsuit!

    I love sky diving in games, and we all knew we’d be sky-bound in Tears of the Kingdom. But we hadn’t seen any sign of this wingsuit before. This is total game porn for me. Added to the fact that it’s in a Zelda game and I’m way more excited than a bloke in his late thirties should be
  • Ganondorf!

    He’s here. My original Zelda nemesis from the Ocarina of Time. Tears of the Kingdom is bringing him back and he looks incredible.
Tears of the Kingdom - Ganondorf
  • Real-time allies

    Was that Prince Sidon fighting side by side with Link? Who’s the little Rito?

    It looks like we have higher stakes than before in Tears of the Kingdom, and more people are actively involved. Will be interesting to see how that plays-out.

So much more

I haven’t taken it all in yet at all, there’s so much more to be gleaned from this bad boy. No doubt plenty of YouTubers are all over it already. That’s great, I’ll go find some and see what else I can learn!

Big robot construction, rockets, low-gravity, climbing into bubbles. I feel like this is going to be HUGE.

Tears of the Kingdom finally feels like it’s real and it’s truly on the way.

Keep a lookout here and over at FullSync.co.uk for possibly too much nonsense for a while, starting in May!

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