The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild (Wii U) – A few hours in

I’m roughly 10-12 hours into Breath of the Wild now, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it.

I found Zora’s domain, met the king, and the prince (everyone’s favourite Zora), and I’ve just taken the first steps to take down/rescue my first divine beast.

Things I’ve noted

  • The map is HUGE, walking to Zora’s domain took an absolute age, despite taking a couple of shortcuts (jumping from high-up and gliding towards my destination);
  • Temperature really does matter, and so does time of day – I tried to cross from an oasis to the Gerudo city, but it was too hot.  So, being clever, I though I’ll wait until night time……then it was too cold!  So I set fire to a ladle (obviously…) and carried that to keep me warm.  That worked really well until I was attacked and had to drop it, so I could fight. Alas, I wasn’t prepared enough for that journey, so I went off in a different direction;
  • Taming horses is wonderful, although I had no idea I could take a tamed horse to a stable to make it mine, until the other day……still need to do that!;
  • Cooking is a huge part of the game, and the variety of bits I’ve made so far is impressive;
  • Prince Sidon is a badass Zora;
  • Divine Beasts are massive!;
  • The game’s art direction is really nice, definitely suits the world and it adds such character to everything, it’s a really well thought-out style;
  • Different areas of the map have different climates and you’re impacted by them (hot & cold), and they have their own unique identities.  You know when you’re in the desert, or if you’re in the mountains etc.

I managed to get a stream going from my Wii U, without the use of a capture card, here’s some of what I got:


I’m loving having a new Zelda adventure to get into, and I’ll be streaming more of it as I go along.  Doing the best I can to not read tips/tricks etc online, and avoiding videos.  Learning and enjoying it on my own is a real pleasure, and whilst I know I’ll be missing out on all kinds of stuff, at least I’m blissfully unaware……for now.

Wii U Sidenote

The game looks great, but I spend nearly all of my time playing it on the Wii U controller, I find the controls work for me, much better when I treat the controller as a handheld console.  I like the Wii U controller, but I haven’t adjusted to it yet, not when I’m not looking at it, anyway.

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