Twilight Princess – Starting Again

After my Breath of the Wild binge recently, and my commitment to finishing all my Wii U Zelda games I’ve decided to tackle Twilight Princess before I relieve the joys of Wind Waker.

If I’m honest, I’ve been dreading Twilight Princess. I remember being so disappointed in 2006 when I got into it. Dull and dreary, and the whole Wolf Link thing didn’t work for me. I don’t remember how far in I got, but I do remember that I gave up and never really looked back.

That has to change. One, because I bought it……..and two, because what kind of “fan” doesn’t get stuck-in and finish these things?

So, I cast my dread aside, and I’ve gotten started.

Coming off the high of Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess isn’t exactly in the same vein. But it’s good to go back to a “classic” 3D Zelda game.



Of all the things I don’t remember, I do remember being in Ordon village for quite some time, by way of a tutorial.

Well, my memory served me correctly!

Truth is, though. I was pleased for it this time. Having all the freedom of Breath of the Wild taken away from me, I needed a crash course in your more standard Zelda games again. Twilight Princess gives you a lot of initial hand-holding, but I’m better off for it.

I’ve got Epona, a lantern, a wooden sword and a slingshot. Classic stuff already.

The Z-targeting system is in full flow, and it honestly all feels really good.

Classic Zelda themes playing as I go about my business, and some goat wrestling and wrangling for good-measure.

So far, I’m pleasantly surprised that it isn’t half as bad as I’d built it up to be in my mind after 13 or so years of negativity towards it.

Fishing was fun, and all the little bits and pieces designed to teach you the ways of the game, contained in the little village were at least fun and light-hearted.

Ok Twilight Princess, you’ve got me playing, and you’ve tutored me enough. Let’s go.


Wolf Link

Here we are then.

The point of contention I had, that became enough to turn me away from the game for over a decade. Wolf Link.

Arguably the defining feature of the game (apart from setting/aesthetic), something about it just didn’t click at all.

The challenge of tackling things in a different way wasn’t the issue, in fact it’s one of the selling points of all Zelda games. Being forced to solve things using different perspectives.

Twilight Princess didn’t sell it to me at all. So far, I’m of the same opinion. I don’t particularly care. The set up for it isn’t particularly exciting, and I think that’s what I take issue with. I don’t care enough, the reasoning is a bit bland.

Attacking is naff, although relying on dodging is no issue, it’s a change-up from blocking.

I don’t really like having the classic sword and shield forcibly removed from me. Sure, this becomes a matter of choice later on, but right now I’m stuck in a form that’s just no fun.

I do like Midna as an addition to the universe, though. So I guess there’s that?



I’m a few hours in, and so far, I can’t shake the dread of having to put myself through the whole thing.

There’s so much classic Zelda here, it’s easy to play and be in the world. But when I’m not playing it, I’m not thinking about it, or reading about it and learning.

My commitment is to completing it, but I’m doing a pretty good job of finding other things to do instead.

Realistically, it’s a good game. It’s a Zelda game from crying out loud. I need to let go of my Twilight Princess negativity and dive right in.

Being fair to it, too. There was no good time to come into it. Either post-Breath of the Wild, or post-Wind Waker it would feel dull and dreary. The dark filling in a sandwich of bright fun, if you will.

All being well Twilight Princess will show me how good it is. I mean, games with a 95% metacritic score aren’t usually bad, are they?

My expectations are low, but my hopes are high that Twilight Princess shows me what a fool I’ve been for all of these years.

Thankfully I can play the whole game on the Wii U controller, and that’s a massive selling point (the Wii U is bloody excellent!). So when there’s something boring on TV while we’re having a quiet night in, I can get stuck-in.

Even if I don’t enjoy it, at least I can put it to rest and say I’ve experienced it. Sometimes, that’s the price you pay for your fandom, I guess?

You can pick dogs up! Big bonus points here.

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