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Almost famous – for a couple of hours

Reddit is a site I visit frequently, and I post occasionally. I’ve had one very “successful” post, which was a picture of my leaving cake that ex-colleagues got me from work.  I got to the top of the front page, which is impressive, in reddit terms at least.

Anyway, that cake is now plastered on Facebook once every couple of weeks with some lazy sites using click-bait ads, where they just rip stuff directly from reddit and call it content…..

This time

So, this time, I posted an image of my brand new wedding ring, which is a custom laser engraved “Halo” from the game series “Halo”, I love it, saw it a few years ago online and thought it was a great idea.

I figured folk on r/gaming would like it, too (see here).

They did! It didn’t take off like my cake, but it got some traction, which was nice, and mostly kind comments and a lot of queries about it’s origin.  Awesome, I’ve messaged everyone and everyone knows where it’s from etc.

Then, the message that caught me by surprise was this:

Hey Skooma, hope all is well.

This is Katie from The Daily Walkthrough, an esports and gaming newsletter. I just saw your post on r/gaming, and love the ring. If you’re OK with it, I’d like to include the picture and a comment or two from you in tomorrow’s newsletter on why you decided to get the ring done, how you fell in love with Halo and your hopes for Halo 6.

Let me know, and thanks!


Ok then? So I did a couple of checks to see what The Daily Walkthrough was, and verified it wasn’t another Facebook click-bait type situation.  But hey, they had already asked permission, so it was more promising already!


I wrote some comments in a half-drunken state (I was on my honeymoon…) and lo and behold, it’s online as a news story!

I regret almost every word I wrote as it’s mostly nonsense, but the intentions were there and I feel that it gets it across a little?

No matter the content, though.  I couldn’t be happier with my ring, and my marriage and this was a really nice way for me to celebrate a tiny part of the whole thing.

Thanks to The Daily Walkthrough and Reddit for a bit of love, and thanks to for the ring in the first place!

Here’s the picture of my awesome Halo Ring:

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