Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Amiibos

I managed to sit and play through a bit of Smash Bros. a bit the other day, and even streamed it using my messy, but effective setup, via the Xbox One.
I was prompted to do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to try the solo campaign, to see how it differs to the older games;
  2. I had a Kirby Amiibo bought for me, and I don’t really understand them, but he was getting powerful, and I wanted to to see him grow!

Playing the game

I played through some of the challenge modes, I played the solo campaign as Cloud from FFVII and I even went ahead and made my own map for bouts (it was not good!).

All of that can be seen below.


All-in-all, I love playing this game, it feels exactly the same as the other entries in the series.  Using my old Wavebird is a joy to behold, and is a stroke of genius from Nintendo.  The stages are great, the characters are great (I’ve unlocked a few now!), and the fast-paced chaos is just something I need from time to time.

Cloud is an excellent addition to the roster, a really solid character, with a great map and classic FFVII battle music.  He’s out of place, but fits perfectly.  A new favourite for me.

Stage making is great, but I am not great at it, my ideas didn’t quite come off.  I’ll give it another go soon though!

The campaign is pretty standard, I didn’t do it on too tough a difficulty, for the sake of trying it out.  2 hands to battle at the end, and then some weird shadow thing? I got through it pretty quickly, and I’ll do it with a few other favourites to see how I fare on different difficulty levels.

I just love the nostalgia of play a Smash Bros. game.

  • What the hell is an Amiibo?!

    I was aware of Amiibo’s, and that they somehow impacted games you played, using the NFC reader on your controller (or 3DS).

    I just never really understood anything beyond that.  Until I started playing Breath of the Wild, and read about the various benefits to having all these different variations of Link and other Zelda Amiibos, from different ranges.

    Then, I turned my attention to Smash Bros. and how an Amiibo works in that context…….I read it, but didn’t really “get” it.

    As I’m pretty lucky, my littlest brother got me a Kirby Amiibo over the weekend (cheers Jacob!), and so I was able to see what the deal is.

    You scan your Amiibo in, name it, pick a colour variation and start to add items to make it a useful fighter.  Ok, so what then?

    Then, you get to fight it, and as it battles different characters and perform different actions, it becomes more powerful, levelling up and starting to kick some serious ass.  It wasn’t too long before Kirby hit level 50, and he was annihilating everyone, including me.

    The above video shows me losing several matches to a toy, a freakin’ toy!!

    But now I have a dude to fight by my side, a Kirby that I’ve raised and trained to be a killing machine.  I love the concept!!

    Now I just need all the Amiibo’s there are, and man are some of those expensive.  What a great way to trigger the collector inside of me, by offering me in-game benefits and a new Smash buddy?  Nintendo are pretty clever!  My google history mostly contains searches for “Smash Bros. 5 Amiibo Link” or “Lucario Amiibo” and on and on……

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