Fallout 4 – Let’s get started

Fallout 4 has been on my “need to play at some point” list for quite a while now, and with me wrapping up Batman Arkham Knight, I’ve time to give it a run, before Destiny 2 hits and takes over my life.


I’ve been doing short, early-morning streams of my initial progress, and starting to get a feel for the game and the world in which I’ve jumped into.

Straight off the bat

This game has much more of a looseness about it, in terms of how it handles.  I figure it’s aiming to be a little more shooter than the previous iterations of Fallout?  It isn’t a bad thing, but it has taken me a while to get a proper handle on movement and aiming.

It looks nice, it’s a HUGE world, and it isn’t the most stunning game I’ve ever seen, but it’s good, and I don’t play these games for the cinematic experience.  It’s about becoming immersed in the world, being a part of this post-apocalyptic dystopia, and surviving.

I like the cryo-freeze angle, and being a victim to vault-tec, yet again is a nice familiar feeling.  All the familiar brands, weapon names, plant names, food names etc are there.  Your classic vault-suit, everything is here.  It’s new and different, but very similar.  The advantage of an established universe, I guess?

So far, the ambient music is creeping me the fuck out.  It’s eerie and all the better for it.  I’m working at a bench doing some weapon upgrades, and then dogmeat barks and this audio is just enhancing the fear.  I drop everything, ready a weapon and take a deep breath…..I am genuinely fearful.  How many games create that atmosphere without it being a horror of some sort?!


Early on

Within the first two hours, I found myself in Power Armor and fighting a deathclaw. This is not how I remember Fallout! Power Armor was always unattainable to me in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.  Not because it didn’t exist, but because I wasn’t too focused on anything other than campaign completion.

Settling down

Settlements are now a thing!

Building a homestead and scrapping everything in sight, to get some precious materials.  I’ve built beds, a water pump, planted crops and put up defensive way-points and turrets.  Sanctuary is now a safe place (ish) for the minutemen.

Not me though, I’ve moved in down the road, at Red Rocket Garage, I don’t want to live with those strangers, I don’t quite trust them yet.  So it’s just myself and dogmeat in an old garage.  I’ll get it decked out nicely, in due course!

Great addition to the series, encouraging scavenging and reinforcing the survival element of the game.  It’s pretty in depth, and the electricity etc is going to take a little while to get my head around.  It’s like Fallout: Minecraft edition.


What next?

Time will tell, I supposed.  I can’t keep just building a safe house, I need to find my stolen baby! Is he still a baby, though? Seems odd to think that he would be, given the whole 200 year time-frame we’re working with.  Surely I didn’t come out of stasis only moments after the murder/kidnapping?

We shall see!

I’m streaming most of this one, as I go, so feel free to watch me die a billion times in a billion different ways!

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