Destiny 2 Beta – How was it?

It was more Destiny.

Simple as that really.  Now that’s not a bad thing, not by any stretch.  It just hasn’t blown me away with amazing new features or changes.  If anything, there are bits that need improvement.

The good

It looks great, it feels great and I know full-well that I’ll be investing plenty more time in the Destiny universe, and surely that’s good enough, right?

Well, yeah.  It feels right and the new subclasses are OK, adding some variation to how we all already play (new tweaks, using super energy to overcharge grenades is a nice touch!).

4v4 in control on the new map is actually very good, after a few bad rounds initially, things turned around.  4 is a nice number of people to co-ordinate with, the map is perfectly sized and the routes to the control points are very well though out, giving ways around without being found, or paths that get you caught up in long firefights, with a means to escape if required.

I like the change to 4, I just hope that some gametypes allow for more, still.

The Inverted Spire strike was loads of fun, and hopefully an introduction to bigger, broader strikes.  It felt great, like Destiny, but with that “epic” sense of scale at certain parts, that Destiny just didn’t have enough of previously.

So yeah, it’s looking good.

The bad

Can you say something that is in beta stage is bad? I don’t know the semantics of what you can and can’t say, but I will say there is room for improvement.

Grenades and Melee’s feel useless, particularly in the crucible and the charge rate for your super is ridiculously slow.  I get that it’s designed to encourage “pro” PvP in the future, but it’s impacting us having fun.  Where’s the magic of Destiny without the magic, in Destiny? Space magic should be everywhere!

The indifferent

Realistically, I’m neither impressed or bothered by the new subclasses, they all work and have their parts to play.  Seeing a fireteam co-ordinate them on strikes and in raids, with be where they all start to shine.  This far, they’re variations on something we already know.

The Sentinel titan is probably the stand-out.  One, being Captain America is damn cool, but two, being able to cast the classic bubble, or go all safety attack titan is exactly what the defender subclass needed to see.


There’s still so much to see and learn, and the hype machine will continue rolling on as it has (let’s be fair, this beta is purely a marketing ploy to give people a taster, under the guise of providing data to Bungie), and I’ll be trying to ride it all the way to launch.


Here’s most of what I recorded of the beta, see what you think!







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