Fallout 4 – So far, so good

I’ve hit about 15 hours in-game now and got a good feel for it.

It still doesn’t “feel” like a Fallout game, at least not 100%.  Much slicker movement and shooting and what feels to be a fast pace, in general, it feels like a first-person-action-shooter with RPG elements.  This isn’t a bad thing, I just figure purists won’t like the change as much.

I’ve built a little settlement, I’ve joined the Brotherhood of Steel, become a Major for the Minutemen and been to Diamond City.  Yet I feel, and rightly so, that I’ve not really done anything yet.


Say what you like about the game, but there’s plenty to do.  Granted it might get a little repetitive, clearing out buildings, fetching things etc, but that’s the nature of the game, and right now I’m along for the ride.

I’m now familiar with synths (non-humans that look like humans, and are feared and hated), crafting, building, shooting, sneaking, running, investigating and most importantly, being faithfully followed around by my good pal dogmeat.  I’m not sure I can go with any other partner, he’s such a good boy!  Poor lad has taken a beating in our time together, too.

The new legendary enemies, and loot is something I quite enjoy, and all of this emergent gameplay.  I’m walking around, minding my own business, when suddenly I’m being shot at by a sentry bot.  No worries though, I’m not too far from a settlement with plenty of security.  So I drew it to the settlement and watched it get taken out.  Then I profit from the loot! Excellent.


The game looks lovely, some really nice outdoor lighting going on, during the day.  At night it’s dark and gloomy, accentuated by that ominous score in the background.  Truly haunting a lot of the time.

Faces and animations aren’t perfect, but it’s a huge game with so much to do.  They’re good, but we’ve definitely seen better animations in recent games (cough…..Witcher 3….cough)


I can’t comment too much on the main story line, as I’ve gotten as far as freeing Mr Valentine, then I’ve gone back to build up my Red Rocket settlement, and carry on the Brotherhood of Steel questline.  I’ll get to it at some point……

What I do know, is that I’m looking for my son, whom my vault dweller seems to think is still a baby, which is odd, given that I was frozen 200 years ago.  I expect him to be maybe 10-15? Who knows?


So far, I’m having a blast, wandering the Commonwealth with Dogmeat and listening to Diamond City radio.  I’ve got a nice little home and I’m doing my bit to help out.

I should probably care more about my son, but the urgency just isn’t there, and right now, I’m happy having fun as I am.

Keep watching

Most of my playthrough is being streamed on mixer (mixer.com/killthekage) and all videos are being put up on YouTube, so everyone can see my progress, take a look and let me know what you think!


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