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Getting started in Palworld

Palworld has entered early access, and it’s proving to be much more than the “Pokémon with firearms” buzz. In fact, this title bears a striking resemblance to Craftopia, another creation by developer Pocketpair. Palworld offers a rich blend of base-building and automation, and while it might seem daunting at first, the game soon becomes more accessible. The tutorial does an admirable job of introducing the basics, but some elements remain a mystery. To help you navigate these early stages, here’s a handy list of tips and tricks for Palworld.

I’ve still a long way to go before coming a Pal master. But here’s some quick tips I’ve picked up as I’ve gotten started in Palworld.

Palworld - Sunset

Expand Your Collection Extensively

Every Pal you capture brings a significant experience boost, up to the first 10 of the same species. For example, the first 10 Foxparks you nab will grant ample experience, but the benefit diminishes thereafter. Each captured Pal, however, comes with unique traits valuable for various purposes — some might enhance your battle prowess, while others could prove more useful in base management.

Concerned about storage space due to accumulating multiple Pals of the same type? There’s an option to cull them later, freeing up room for new captures.

Base Location: Less Worry, More Flexibility

Don’t overthink your initial choice of base location. Resources like wood and stone become abundant as you progress, thanks to the ability to place quarries and logging areas. Plus, relocating your base is always an option, so it’s not a binding decision.

Utilize Type Advantages in Palworld

Like many RPGs, Palworld incorporates a system of type advantages. To maximize damage, it’s crucial to understand the types of moves your Pals can execute and the types they’ll face in battle. Consult the Palworld type chart for insights on elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Palworld - Camp

Overcoming Higher-Level Challenges with Strategy

With the right approach, defeating and capturing Pals up to 10 levels higher is achievable. Be cautious when engaging multiple high-level Pals simultaneously, as this can be more challenging than facing them individually. Exploit type advantages, manage aggro effectively, and always have a plan, particularly for boss encounters.

Understand Your Pals’ Innate Skills

Each Pal species excels in different tasks. A water-type Pal might be great for watering crops but could also excel in transportation or logging. Diverse skills are essential for keeping your base productive while you explore, so pay close attention to the icons on your Pals’ information screens.

Manage Your Pals Effectively in the Field and Base

Sometimes Pals get stuck or act unpredictably. If this happens, simply withdraw and redeploy them, either from their ball or the PC. This tends to resolve any glitches they’re experiencing.

Day and Night: A World of Difference

Resist the urge to skip night exploration. Different Pals emerge at night, offering unique capture opportunities. Use torches to light your way and discover these nocturnal creatures.

Palworld - Adventure

Seek Out Glowing and Sparkling Items

Always investigate any green glows or sparkles. Green glows often indicate Lifmunk Effigies that boost your Pal catch rate, while sparkles can lead to valuable items, like skill fruits to teach new moves to your Pals.

Keep an Eye Out for Eggs

Exploration might lead you to various eggs. Incubate them to hatch new Pals, expanding your collection and adding variety to your team.

Read the Survival Guide Thoroughly

The tutorial may briefly mention it, but the Survival Guide is a crucial resource. It covers details not immediately obvious, such as consequences for attacking friendly NPCs. A quick read can save you from unexpected situations.

Happy gaming in the world of Palworld!

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