Blog: Twitch Changes

It’s been a while since I’ve streamed on Twitch. Something I actually really enjoy.

Purely down to life, and having the time and energy to put into it. But it’s something I’m always planning on getting back to.

I think the biggest issue I’ve had with Twitch, is consistency. Not so much in terms of schedule, but content. Playing too many different games and trying to enjoy solo stories whilst trying to talk to everyone in chat. It doesn’t work for me.

Of course, more regular and consistent streams is important, too. But I want to find my flow and let people know what they’re coming to see.

So future Twitch streams will fall under 2 banners.

Twitch - Stream Starting

Twitch – Monster Hitman

Nothing convoluted here, but hopefully something to just separate different types of stream.

The first and main streams will be “Monster Hitman” streams. New overlay for these, bit of theming and importantly, consistent Twitch content.

We’ll be playing what we love and dropping trying to play all the latest and greatest games.

This is all about Hitman and Monster Hunter. You can catch me on Twitch playing these series primarily.

I’ve always said these would be the games I’d do if I had to focus on just one. Well, fuck it. Let’s do both, but just those.

Grinding, farming, challenges, events or just plain old story content. There’s loads to do in both, so they seem perfect for me to just commit to. Especially when they’re two of the most significant games in my weekly play anyway.

Twitch Banner

Normal Ninja Refinery Twitch

Thursday nights, throwdowns, events. There’s plenty of reason to to stream other things in Twitch, too.

So they will just be normal Ninja Refinery streams or special event streams. Different layouts and themes. Varied, inconsistent content.

Plenty to come for here, too. But not the usual solo stream stuff.

Twitch BRB

Everything else

With plans to collaborate with other sites, Twitch rivalries and hundreds of other possibilities, there’s scope for a lot more.

So this is a constantly moving target. But something needs to change to make it consistent and organised.

Twitch is still a great opportunity for growth and a means to help find the site, so it’s something worth getting right.

Let’s see how we go!

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