Keeping up……

It’s September, a few weeks after the Destiny 2 release, and I’m knee-deep in glimmer, engrams and the VasDown clan working together.  It’s great, I’ve written a lot about it (to be published soon), and I’m enjoying it.

Problem is, I’m getting wary of not playing anything else, and I’ve only got some bigger pieces in draft, that I’m not happy with yet.  So I want to be able to try something new, and share thoughts etc, as is my core output on here (and frankly, the most fun).

I don’t aim to cover all new releases, in fact, my main driver is finding games that are out of their initial release window, dropped in price and had all the major bugs ironed-out.  Providing a take on the complete package, without all the fuss that a new release tends to garner (this can be both positive and negative).

Finding something new

I have a back-catalogue to trawl through, and I have no intention of buying anything else anytime soon.  In fact, Dead Rising 3 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided are next up, as are the 2 Witcher 3 DLCs and Pokken Tournament on the Wii U.

But, the time investment for those will mean I come off Destiny 2, and I’m just not ready to do that yet.  There’s a lot of fun to be had, and whilst it’s mostly grinding at this point, I’m enjoying it, and it’s brought the clan back together.

So, yeah, woe is me…….What a tough life I lead!

Then, a few write-ups and a bit of drama surrounding Fortnite – Battle Royale, gave me a glimpse of something new that won’t cost anything AND isn’t going to require massive amount of my time (I hope….).

The plan

In between weekly tasks and clan activity on Destiny 2, my next thought-pieces will cover Fortnite – Battle Royale.

I’ve been dying to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but don’t have a gaming PC and the Xbox Release doesn’t seem to be any time soon.  Seeing as this is being called a rip-off of Battlegrounds, I feel like this is a great place to start.

I’ll be able to try and work out if this type of game is for me, and hopefully get stuck into a few rounds every now and then, as a means of escape from the current routine of exclusively playing Destiny 2, without the much larger time commitment required of other full games.

Whether or not I enjoy it (the standard “Fortnite” game didn’t really excite me enough to want to try it), and whether or not it’s any good, is yet to be seen.  However, it’s free, it’s new and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing what all the fuss is about, especially with the prospect of getting into Battlegrounds at some point.

I don’t care for the “rip-off” news, which is likely overblown by certain outlets, anyway.  What I do care about is new experiences and being able to feed my ambition to continue writing and sharing my thoughts.

I’ll be streaming matches and sharing as much as I can.

Let’s see how much it can pry me away from Destiny 2!


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