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I don’t do news here at It’s a lot of work, and I keep the site focused on reviews and other written pieces. The thing is, I’m genuinely excited for Monster Hunter Rise, so… hell with it! Here’s some Monster Hunter Rise news.

Today, Capcom released a new video, some assets and some updates around the what’s to come in Monster Hunter Rise, the weeks leading up to it’s release, and the free content updates to follow release.

Demo number 2

With only a couple of weeks until release, and having already had a long demo release for Monster Hunter Rise, it’s a surprise (to me at least) that the demo will return this week, on 11th March 2021.

This demo gives you the opportunity to dive in and take on what looks to be the “main” monster, Magnamalo.

I’ll be using the demo as a chance to try out my Switch streaming setup, and to learn some of the weapons, and the new wirebug additions.

I’m no Monster Hunter pro, but I’ve got a plenty of hours under my belt from Monster Hunter World. Hopefully I can get to grips with the controls this time around, on the demo! Wyvern riding mastery, here I come….

Announcements and updates!

As the Monster Hunter Rise digital event came online today, there were announcements for monsters previously unseen in the other trailers. Including Nargacuga, who is my favourite-looking, but least favourite to hunt, in Monster Hunter World. That dude messed me up!!

There was also information on what will likely be the first of many free content updates. With the April release of an additional monster, Chameleos.

Add to that information on the new survival mode Rampage, which looks to feature Apex versions of monsters. It seems to me that even though Monster Hunter Rise is initially coming to the Nintendo Switch, it’s going to be chock-full of content from day 1.

I cannot wait to start working on those armour and weapon builds and learning all the new maps and monsters.

Keep those eyes peeled

I’ve always wanted to try and focus on a specific game, and generate content around it. More than just a review or a hot-take. I don’t know how it’ll pan-out, but I’m hoping to cover and learn Monster Hunter Rise as something a little more in-depth than I usually would.

With streams, and perhaps video content? I don’t know exactly, but I want to do something new, and I want Monster Hunter Rise to be at the centre of that. Of course, time is never my ally, so we’ll see how it pans-out.

If anyone could drop by and follow me on Twitch as I try this out, I’d really appreciate it!

Demo stream coming over the weekend, and we’ll see how we go from there.

Content or not, I’m like a teenager again, waiting for Perfect Dark to come out on the N64 after reading Nintendo Official Magazine previews for months on end. Let’s make the most of it, because it’s been a long time since I got this excited for a game.

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