Oh my God of War

God of War has been on the “must play” list for a little while now, but never enough to get round to buying it.  Thankfully, a very generous benefactor send me a code to buy it through the PSN store, and well, here we are.

After writing only a week ago about not getting new games, I feel that a gift is an adequate exception to the rule.  It’s rude not to play it, isn’t it?


My expectations

I’ve spent very little time with the God of War games in the past.  Having played them casually on consoles and handhelds of other people, they’re not exactly something I’ve cared for at all.

The reviews for the 2018 game have been excellent, and it certainly seems like another PS4 exclusive that I’ve had to keep an eye on, ready for a price drop.

Still, I’ve not paid much attention.  Expecting more of the hack ‘n’ slash style gameplay that I seem to remember.  Clearing mob after mob of enemies with brutality and apparently a bit of a story.  My expectations going in, are low and my understanding of the series is minimal.


The reality versus my expectations….

Holy shit……

This is not what I expected of a game with the God of War title.  Really tight, skill-based combat with awesome hitbox detection.

A story and some heart, and a game that doesn’t look like it should be on the PS2, rather a PS4 beauty filled with character.

Sure, it seems very similar to all the other PS4 exclusives, whereby it’s a narrative focused, linear 3rd-person adventure.  But beyond those few bits, this is something else.

The combat pulls no punches, and I’ve died more times than I care to admit.  Learning how best to approach each and every fight, through trial and error.

I LOVE throwing the axe, to then summon it back to my hand when I need it, and I love having Kratos’ son Atreus help out with his bow and interfering by jumping on the backs of enemies.

Everything is slick and so well delivered.  This is a triple A title if there ever was one.

One of the opening fights with another god, from Norse mythology (I think it’s Baldur?) is excellent.  Brutal, punishing, fast and powerful.  Sure some of it is scripted, but it just works so well.

God of War has so far tortured me with brutal fight encounters (playing on the “hard” setting), and stunned me with scenery, set pieces and slick execution of every element it presents you with.

I’m not too far in yet, but I’ve got a craving to keep going back, even after getting frustrated at some of the fights.  I can’t remember a game that punished me so much also left me wanting for more.  Is this what all the fuss is about in the Dark Souls games?


Moving on

God of War has completely messed up my plans to finish other games, and you know what? I couldn’t be happier.

It’s gruelling, but I just want more.  So I’m going for it with all the spare time I can get.

Honestly, I thought Kratos was just this guy that swung chains around or something.  Not this dude that I already want to see grow as a father and mentor, and survive his endeavour.

The gift of God of War was out of the blue, expectations were low and this has all turned around to become an amazing opportunity to get into something I never really believed I would.

God damn.

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