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Quick Look: Exoprimal

Exoprimal came out a few weeks ago, now, and I wrote a little about it with a press release over at Fullsync.co.uk

I was a little bullish, saying people probably aren’t waiting for Exoprimal as like a major launch. Whilst I stand by that, I have to say, I hope people are getting on-board because I’ve really enjoyed Exoprimal. A surprise, to be sure, but a pleasant one.

Exoprimal - Loot


What do you say about Exoprimal? It’s a dimension-shifting, dinosaur-killing PvEvP exosuit game. Simple!

So yeah, the premise is a little erm….crazy. But that’s kinda the point if you ask me. We’ll get to that shortly, but in terms of gameplay and fun, it’s all there.

3rd-person action with a team of 5. Exoprimal gives you choices of exosuits, which are essentially class/ability choices. Play a healer, a tank or assault and then utilise abilities similar to Overwatch heroes. Exoprimal just hits a lot of notes straight out of the gate.

Lets be honest, Overwatch 2 has been a massive disappointment, and seeing some of those skills and abilities moved into a game that focuses on chaotic fun, is awesome.

Following the story is a little hit and miss, but it kinda works. AI has become sentient and wants us to keep fighting dinosaurs to “collect data” in the “war games”. Being pulled between dimensions to go and fight is cool.

As you progress in Exoprimal, you level-up. Unlock more exosuits, unlock nuggets of story and different types of match open-up to you. It’s slick, fun and you’re always moving forwards.

Exoprimal - Dinosaur waterfall

Smooth launch

Something that cannot and must not be overlooked on the launch of Exoprimal, is well…..the launch.

An online-only game, with thousands matchmaking and downloading the game. I didn’t see nor did I hear of, any issues at all. Surely that counts for something?

In the age of day one patches andterrible online launches where people can’t even play a game for sometimes days. Capcom have just pushed Exoprimal out and just got on with it.

It’s mad that we have to be surprised by such a thing. But what’s maybe worse is that nobody seems to be praising Capcom for it, either.

I’ll sure as hell give them the nod.

Exoprimal - Ace

Proper Capcom nonsense

Whilst the gameplay is fun and frankly quite cathartic. I think for me, Exoprimal really shines because it feels like a PS2 or Xbox 360 game.

I mean that in the most positive way.

It feels like someone said “fuck it” dinosaurs, exosuits and let’s see what happens. In an industry where AAA studios are focused on safe beta and established franchises, something this wild and unusual harkens back to the good old days.

The story is all over the place, the gameplay is chaotic fun and I honestly can’t see anyone not finding something appealing in Exoprimal.

Exoprimal - Suits


Available on Gamepass means that there’s little additional cost if you’re on PC or Xbox which is excellent news.

It’s fun and frantic, but it is multiplayer-only and a bit skeletal when it comes to the story. I’d really struggle to recommend it at £60. Although it would be a perfect £20 game!

I do worry about the lifespan of a game like this, I’m not sure if the content is enough to hold a big, long-lasting community. I truly hope it does!

Overall, Exoprimal is a game I can highly recommend for Gamepass subscribers. And I would definitely recommend it to others, but would advise to perhaps wait for a price drop, assuming the playerbase holds.

Gamers are fickle and something unique and original like Exoprimal deserves a shot. I hope it lives for many years!

Highly Recommended

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