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100 published posts!

It’s perhaps no major event to most, but here at Ninja Refinery, it’s a big deal!

Starting off as killthekage.com and having a big re-brand and a renewed vision in recent months, I’ve managed to publish more content than I ever expected I would.


In the time since becoming Ninja Refinery, I would say that there’s been a much stronger focus on creating a better site, with better content for people to read.

It’s always been my aim to create words for people to read on a lunch break.  Not videos that they can’t watch at work, and my average words-per-piece has definitely increased!  Hopefully people can chow-down and read-up with ease?

I hope that the quality has improved, but that’s not for me to say is it?

Reaching out

Ninja Refinery has started reaching out to developers, publishers, PR companies and retailers with minimal success, but the confidence a couple of people have had in the site has meant more than the hundreds of ignored requests and knock-backs.

The official Facebook page is now in place, which is a road untraveled for me, so I’m learning how to manage that and make sure all outlets tie things up together.

I’ve had a piece featured on another site, and I’m continually working to improve what’s on offer here, and to get it out there into the wider world.

Sure, it’s small-time, but that’s not going to stop me!

Moving on

As things progress, I want to keep improving the site, and developing stronger links with the people that visit any Ninja Refinery-related sites.  I’m looking to do giveaways, and as always, provide genuine, sincere content based on things that I love.

Coming up:

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review (2-3 parts);
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (content type undecided);
  • HyperX Headset review;
  • Dishonored 2 Review;
  • Titanfall 2 – Re-play through and review;
  • Five Guys burger review;
  • Several album reviews (Fun.,Bleachers, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New);
  • More focus on Coffee’s too!

There’s loads more, and I’m waiting for approval to do a bit of a profile on another site that’s doing great things for gaming.

Otherwise, I’m always looking for others to contribute and join in, and any ideas that pop up, I’ll try and bring to fruition.

To anyone that actually reads this, thank you.  It actually took me moving past a crippling fear of what others would think, to start to take this a little more seriously, and it’s something that plays on my mind all the time.

If anyone is reading it, let me know, it would be fantastic to hear from you!


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